Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

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Building a career path

“It is a must-win battle in our strategy to maintain position as DK´s best customer service. Telmore MyCareer is a big part of achieving this goal, and Telmore MyCareer wouldn’t have been possible without eloomi.”

Hazhen Ahmed
Business Consultant, Telmore
Onboarding made easy
“We needed a system in which we could guarantee that newcomers would receive all information necessary for the Onboarding process. The added bonus is a system that is user-friendly and easy to use for the person setting up the courses.”
Alma Hannesdóttir
Training and Development Manager, Icelandair Hotels
100% Compliance
“We have completed training for more than 1000 employees, globally, in which all users were able to access and get it to work. 100% completion. Even with the platform being new to more than 80% of the users, less than 1% reached out due to system-related questions.”
Rasmus Bossen
Senior HR Business Partner, Kompan
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