Dynamic employee training for an international travel agency

KILROY is the largest youth and student travel agency in the Nordic Region + UK with a headquarter in Copenhagen


Decentralized and less flexible training of employees in several countries across Europe


Structured, up-to-date, and more on-demand training covering all necessary topics and languages


Consistent employee education, continuously updated to fit KILROY’s changing needs

A single dynamic source of truth for employees around the world

Founded in 1991, KILROY create tailored travel experiences for young people travelling to every corner of the world. Operating across Europe, with offices in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and soon the UK, they are still growing rapidly.

The company has employees all around Europe who need to be up to date with the latest training, inspiration, and information on new partners, destinations, and sales tools. To ensure consistent and effective onboarding and training, Linda Rentema, Training Manager for all KILROY subsidiaries, needed a solution for employee education:

“At KILROY, you are always learning. There is always more to learn about the destinations and new suppliers to work with, so it’s very dynamic. Of course, we teach each other and have local training managers, but there is so much knowledge out there that is not stored in one place.”

As an international organization, KILROY needed a solution where they could create curated content in local languages. The solution needed to be simple, manageable and scalable to reduce the ramp-up time for new hires and ensure best-in-class training of current travel agents and salespeople.

Centralized and consistent content tailored to each location

The world of travel is ever changing and not two iteneraries are the same. As a new Travel Advisor, there is a lot of information and impressions to take in.

Linda explains that in the first six months of a new hire’s time at KILROY, they would typically only get to know a fraction of the necessary information to provide travelers with the guidance needed.

By digitizing and streamlining their learning in a unified platform, KILROY not only save time on manual training but also gain a complete overview of the learning and development of their employees within every country they operate in.

They can create training modules through the built-in course builder to ensure every employee is specialized in their specific area.

And with eloomi’s tracking and reporting tools, they can now assign tailored training to each employee and gain precise real-time data on the completion of each course. All in a centralized and intuitive solution.

An ongoing process with a simple solution

For KILROY, the crucial thing was simplicity. Their solution needed all essential functionality while still being easy to use for end users.

Creating a modern and consistent learning environment in KILROY is a never-ending project. It is a dynamic environment where there are always new partners, new suppliers and sales tools.

In the coming years, the company will expand and build its learning and development program with support from eloomi. On why Linda chose eloomi, she explains:

In the end, it was the relationship I felt with eloomi. They were just so clear on what eloomi could offer and always available to help.

Linda Rentema, Training Manager at KILROY

With everything in place, KILROY has ambitious plans for the future of its learning and development project, and with eloomi, they are now better prepared than ever to meet those ambitions.

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Key takeaways

  • KILROY needed to replace less flexible and inefficient training
  • With eloomi, they quickly deployed new training across multiple countries and languages
  • They reduced ramp-up time for new hires while ensuring best-in-class training
  • KILROY now have precise real-time data on employee engagement and training results
  • Employees now have the opportunity to always have the latest information on destinations, suppliers and sales tools