Effective compliance training with a digital LMS

KOMPAN are a world-leading producer of playground equipment. Based in Denmark, they develop, produce, and market playground and fitness equipment for all ages.


Distribution of learning and compliance training across the global organization in 10 languages.


Blended learning to further train employees in business ethics, with real-time reporting to track engagement.


Secured 100% completion of the Business Ethics policy among all employees in different countries and cultures.

Compliance training isn’t child’s play

Danish manufacturing company, KOMPAN, was looking for an intuitive system that would not only digitize their learning but also support users located in multiple countries with different languages. They needed a solution that was easy to customize for their users and could help facilitate their compliance training.

eloomi’s LMS was created to make the process of assigning learning and sending out reminders to complete the learning simple, making it a natural fit for KOMPAN.

We have completed training for more than 1000 employees globally, in which all users were able to access and get it to work. 100% completion. Even with the platform being new to more than 80% of the users, less than 1% reached out due to system related questions.

Rasmus Bossen, Senior HR Business Partner

A digital learning playground

With the help of eloomi’s platform, KOMPAN’s recent compliance training in business ethics was distributed across the whole organization, over 1000 users in 10 different languages. Using the multi-language platform, employees were able to access the training in their own language.

This training program managed to ensure 100% compliance thanks to their new online learning module. KOMPAN hasn’t only used eloomi’s learning to digitalize their compliance needs, they have also digitalized their onboarding with the help of eloomi’s modules.

Key takeaways

  • KOMPAN needed to digitize their learning and meet compliance goals for users across multiple different countries and languages.
  • With eloomi, KOMPAN’s compliance training was successfully distributed across the whole organization: over 1000 users.
  • Using the multi-language platform, employees were able to access the training in 10 different languages as needed.
  • The new training program achieved 100% engagement, completion, and compliance: easily tracked in the reporting tool.

  • KOMPAN successfully moved to a digitalized LMS for all their compliance and onboarding needs.