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Access a comprehensive training library curated by globally recognized content partners. Train your teams with industry-best courses to educate, upskill, and engage your talent

Supporting hundreds of companies worldwide to deliver great learning and development experiences

Curated content collections on essential business topics

Remove the guesswork from curating complex learning pathways with our expert-curated collections. Covering essential topics such as Ethics & Compliance, Data Security, Professional Skills and more… 

Ethics & compliance

  • Business & ethics
  • Respectful workplace
  • Health, safety & wellbeing
  • Data & cybersecurity

Business essentials

  • Management & leadership
  • Professional skills
  • Productivity & collaboration
  • AI & digital transformation

All access

Access the full content library

  • Industry-specific training content
  • Relevant and trending topics from AI training to ESG strategies
  • Flexible to your training needs
  • Multiple languages available
  • Updated and curated
  • Supported by content experts to reinforce your L&D strategy

Content library

Explore our full course library to meet any business need

Our All Access solution is for the business that needs more. More niche topics, industry-specific training, or global content options with access to multiple languages and topics relevant around the world. The eloomi All Access solution comes with expert curation and support to ensure maximum engagement and business results. 

Content Solutions

Your all-in-one platform for employee training content

Enable learning like never before, with access to a dynamic content library curated and updated by our network of global content partners. We’ll help you skip time-consuming searches with instant access to relevant and engaging courses on everything from leadership training to artificial intelligence.

Need training content on a particular topic, industry, or skill? Get in touch and our content experts will help find the perfect solution for you.

Instantly access world-class courses

Save time searching for vendors with our integrated elearning content library. Easily access relevant L&D content for any industry, any role, and any skill, from compliance training to leadership development.

“eloomi has made the process of reskilling and upskilling easier and more engaging for our employees.”

Sigurbjörg Magnúsdóttir

Head of Training & Development, Domino’s

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“User friendly and very solid user support.”

“Easy to use LMS for big and small companies.”

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“Helps with onboarding, development and retention.”

“Accessible, simple to use, visual, efficient and powerful.”

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“Vast course library & easy to create customized training.”

“Great & appealing learning experiences.”

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“Great for learning and development.”

“Easy, engaging & exactly what we needed!”

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“Efficient and reliable platform.”

“eloomi is a great learning experience!”

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L&D content that works with you

Experience the difference with access to a dedicated elearning content library that makes training easy for HR and L&D teams around the world.

Quality assured

Our courses are curated by our trusted network of content partners to ensure training always meets the highest quality standards

Budget friendly

Save money and resources with our cost-effective content collections, offering business training essentials at a competitive price point

Time saving

Skip time-intensive content searches with access to pre-curated courses and adapt to demand with enhanced flexibility

Region specific

Access training specific to your region, from language localization to dedicated training for local compliance regulations

Accessible online

All the content you need, all in one space, now accessible on the go with our mobile app for Android and iOS

Relevant courses

No matter your topic, from industry-specific training to niche upskilling, we make it easy to find relevant, quality-assured courses


What eLearning content is available through eloomi?

eloomi works with trusted content providers to bring you curated training directly inside your learning platform. Our integrated content library houses thousands of training courses, from compliance and data protection, to leadership training and IT skills, all in one easy-to-use learning platform.
Plus, we offer dedicated content collections on specific topics, such as Professional Skill Building or AI and Digital Transformation.

Can I see a demo of eloomi?

Yes, book a time in our calendar for a demo presentation and our sales representatives will walk you through the product, highlighting features and use cases that are relevant to you. They will also show you the curated courses we have for your use case.

How does eloomi source training content?

eloomi works with trusted global content providers and partners. Our collaboration with content partners allows us to present quality-assured content collections, stay ahead of changing industry regulations, and keep up to date with the latest trends in L&D.

Does eloomi offer tailored content bundles?

Yes, we provide pre-curated content collections for the most essential business topics. These include Business & Ethics, Respectful Workplace, Health, Safety & Wellbeing, Data & Cybersecurity, Management & Leadership, Professional Skills, Productivity & Collaboration, and AI & Digital Transformation. Get in touch to learn more about our content collections.

Can I make my own training content?

Yes, with the eloomi LMS you can build your own courses, or even upload current training via SCORM. The drag-and-drop course builder makes it easy to create training and add company branding to keep the look and feel of your learning on point. Click here to learn more about eloomi’s content authoring capabilities.

How does eloomi content support skills development?

The Content Store is integrated with eloomi Skills. With access to this feature, you’ll be able to access course recommendations based on the skills within your organization, enabling learning paths that match the needs of each individual employee. Click here to learn more about eloomi’s skills development capabilities.

What is the price of eloomi content?

The eloomi Content Store is available as a single, affordable subscription model. You can also explore our content collections for dedicated, 25 course playlists on key business topics. For more information, you can head over to our pricing page or get in touch today for a free quote.

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