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Performance management solutions with impact

Develop your people with a solution that seamlessly connects learning & performance management.

“eloomi is the new way of training for a
better overview of skills and development.”

Sigurbjörg Magnúsdóttir, Head of Training & Development at Domino’s

Talent & People Success

Create your ideal Performance Management process

Empower Managers

Make managing teams easy and save time with all your conversations, notes and action plans in one place.

Develop Employees

Enable meaningful paths for professional development with goals, feedback & routines that make work rewarding.

Grow your Business

Align your business with clear & actionable goals, make development easy to manage and boost employee retention.

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Design your ideal journey

  • Set consistent routines and save time with automated development journeys
  • Customize or build all-new journeys unique to your organization
  • Easily enrol employees into routines from onboarding to performance appraisals

Drive meaningful conversations

  • Keep all your conversations at a glance with easy scheduling, notetaking & reminders
  • Bring purpose to your 1-1s with suggested talking points & action items
  • Create customizable plans to structure your check-ins or access pre-built plans
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Set ambitious growth goals

  • Align your people with clear & actionable goals to track progress and celebrate every win
  • Know at-a-glance if you’re on track to hit key goals and objectives
  • Engage talent and motivate your employees with structured feedback and clear outcomes

Explore Essential People Development Features

  • Dig into key features from 360 feedback to OKRs and goal setting
  • Explore solutions to the biggest challenges facing performance management
  • See how you can launch your ideal people development plan today
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Guide development with data

  • Make informed business decisions with real-time HR analytics on employee development
  • Get to the heart of conversations with sentiment analytics & reporting
  • Nurture development across your organization in a single platform that makes growth simple

Nurture talent with skills training

  • Learn about how skills data can connect you with tailored learning path recommendations
  • Enable better talent management with clear paths to upskill and reskill your workforce
  • Build a culture of continuous learning, goal setting and employee development

Effortlessly connect HRM software

Connect all of your HRIS tools at the click of a button & create a seamless user experience with eloomi SSO & integrations.

Tap into development on any device

Employees can access all their learning and performance feedback conversations from anywhere with the lightning-fast mobile app.