Boosting employee skills and engagement to deliver outstanding customer service

XXL Sports & Outdoor is a complete destination for sports and outdoor enthusiasts that need the right gear for their activity.


Build the right skills and competence levels to improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction.


Implemented a high efficiency and low-cost online training academy and an entire employee experience platform.


Improved employee engagement and turnover as well as customer satisfaction and secured future people development.

Dynamic product training for international sports retailers

XXL Sports & Outdoor is a complete destination for sports and outdoor enthusiasts that need the right gear for their activity. The international retailer has almost 90 megastores across the Nordics and Austria and a robust e-commerce business. Part of their main ambition is to offer great expertise to their customers.

The sports & outdoor retailers knew that upskilling their 5000 employees to become even more knowledgeable would directly improve not only their employee engagement but also their customer satisfaction.

Jon Harald Johnson, SVP of Learning and Development, explains that to successfully reach all of their highly distributed teams with timely and relevant training, XXL chose to implement eloomi as their new learning management solution.

XXL Sports & Outdoor has a mix of full-time and part-time workers as well as employees working remotely because of frequent COVID-19 lockdowns. This has further strengthened the need for a retail learning tool to build engagement and develop personal and professional skills.

The company wanted to expand their XXL Academy from onsite training only to online training being the primary part of a new learning management platform. Switching to e-learning in combination with blended learning within the eloomi learning management software covering the entire employee journey has helped XXL become an even more attractive employer.

Learn more about why XXL Sports & Outdoor chose eloomi as their learning and people development solution here.

We wanted to boost the skills and engagement of our employees. We decided to use eloomi as our people development software to build a best practice for company-wide training of employees across roles and regions.

Jon Harald Johnson, SVP of Learning & Development

Internal experts create tailored training for colleagues

80% of XXL Sports & Outdoor’s almost 800 training modules is product training related to skiing gear, trekking equipment, and any other sports and outdoor supplies you can think of. Their other learning modules span across sales and service, store concepts, leadership, and compliance training. As part of their onboarding, new hires must complete specific training modules within their first month of employment.

It’s fast for XXL to create learning modules with eloomi’s easy content builder. This means that the Learning & Development team, and internal subject matter experts, can create new modules or import their existing content to make a unique learning experience.

As part of the learning management solution, XXL’s Training and Development team is also using the in-platform survey functionality to evaluate onsite and online training. Teams in XXL also have the option to use eloomi’s handy online checklist tool to follow up on everyday routines in the stores.

Jon Harald Johnsen and the team at XXL Sports & Outdoor have succeeded in expanding their XXL Academy from onsite training only to primarily e-learning with a blended learning approach thanks to the eloomi learning management software. To remain an attractive employer and the preferred supplier of great customer experience for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, they intend to expand their upskilling and employee engagement with more people development initiatives in the future.

Key takeaways

  • XXL Sports & Outdoor needed a learning tool to develop employees working remotely and across their stores.
  • With eloomi, they successfully switched to e-learning, improving both the employee and customer experience
  • XXL’s experts were able to create almost 800 tailored training modules of product training on specific gear & equipment.
  • The Training and Development team also use the in-platform survey functionality to evaluate onsite and online training.
  • XXL now hope to expand their upskilling and employee engagement with future people development initiatives.




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