Onboarding and career-building in Iceland’s retail industry

Domino’s are an American multinational restaurant chain, serving pizza in over 83 countries around the world.


On-site onboarding process that was time consuming and used too many resources


Pre-boarding program purpose built with bite-sized learning mixed with an onboarding program stuffed with blended learning


Pocket-sized, career companion ready to deploy skills and training using gamification for engagement

Boxed into traditional onboarding processes

Domino’s wanted to digitize their onboarding process and engage their young employees across their 25 Icelandic stores in a modern and rewarding way.

Their previous onboarding process took place in long classroom sessions which was not only time consuming, but it was also not engaging. Working in an industry filled with younger employees, they were also looking for a way to build career goals to reduce employee turnover.

They began looking for a solution to help move employees up the career ladder that was creative and simple to use. A solution that could stretch and spread across their entire store base and cut down the time people spent boxed in a classroom.

We are creating the Domino‘s school and our vision is that a job within Domino‘s will provide our team members training and development as well as knowledge that they will benefit from both inside and outside the company

Sigurbjörg Magnúsdóttir, Head of Training and Development

An easier employee experience, no matter how you slice it

With eloomi’s flexibility, the onboarding process has been re-imagined. They are committed to ensuring that training and development is more focused from the beginning and have built an experience that delivers a group of outstanding team members for every job within the company.

Bite-sized chunks of informative and custom produced videos are sent out to a new hire two days before they begin. Though their approach to onboarding is still blended, long, drawn-out classroom onboardings are a thing of the past! More time is now spent with one on one, informal and personal introductions between new hires and managers.

Since implementing eloomi, onboarding has become faster, more efficient, and easily accessible across its broad regional store base. They are also making use of the gamification features by sprinkling rewards into their training. All their training & onboarding content is validated by HR and easily deployed by store managers.

With eloomi, they have been able to quickly onboard their employees, build a career path to reduce employee turnover and gain accurate insights into their users’ engagement and understanding of content.

Every employee now has a career companion in their pocket and every manager has a tool to deploy skills-based training their employees ask for on the spot.

When out-of-the-box thinking changes the learning experience

Recently, Sigurbjörg contributed to the webinar ‘Engaging Your Employees Throughout the Year‘, below is the excerpt from this webinar.

Key takeaways

  • Domino’s wanted to digitize their onboarding process and engage young employees with clear career goals.
  • With eloomi, Domino’s onboarding has become faster, more efficient, and has reduced employee turnover.
  • Managers can now deploy new training and see instant results with engagement and completion metrics.
  • Domino’s have empowered employee motivation with gamification features & rewards baked into training.
  • Every employee now has a career companion in their pocket to guide training & development.