Taking Employee Training Online at Belgium’s Oldest Bank

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Based in Brussels, Nagelmackers are Belgium’s oldest bank and the 14th oldest in the world, providing loan services, personal banking, and wealth management.


Wanted to reduce time and resources spent on employees traveling for onsite courses.


Introduced eloomi LMS and Authoring tool for e-learning based product and compliance training.


Nagelmackers have been able to provide engaging and effective training, save time, and reduce cost.

An e-learning innovation at the heart of Europe

Nagelmackers, Belgium’s oldest bank and the 14th oldest in the world, specializes in personal and private banking. With its Brussels headquarters at the heart of Europe, the bank provides loans, personal banking, and wealth management through a wide network of independent and integrated offices across the country.

Like other employees working in the banking or finance industry, employees at Nagelmackers are required by law and internal guidelines to perform training within a range of areas including Know-Your-Customer (KYC), mortgage loans, insurance offers, etc.

The training for Nagelmackers’ staff required by local legislation is a minimum of 5 hours of training per year, but the need for product training and other learning is significantly higher. One of the reasons is that new financial products are introduced frequently, and existing products are updated often. This means that employees need to be brought up to date with the newest technical and legislative information.

eloomi LMS allows us to provide engaging and effective product and compliance training, save time, and reduce cost.

Gwendoline Jacobs, Talent Manager, Nagelmackers

Nagelmackers used to have employees travel to Brussels for classroom training, but this took a lot of time and resources for the employees and the training team alike. By introducing e-learning based product and compliance training in the eloomi LMS, Nagelmackers have now reduced onsite training, saving both time and money.

Through the insight overview Nagelmackers’ learning management system also helps the Learning & Development function and managers keep track of training progress and who has completed the courses.

Product and compliance training brings confidence to employees

The new e-learning approach has also made employees happier. In an internal survey, Nagelmackers found that a more positive mindset had been established in the organization. Employees said that they liked that they didn’t have to fly into the headquarters to receive training. They also said that the mandatory trainings with tests felt much more dynamic and satisfactory because static PowerPoints had been replaced by self-paced and engaging learning content, including video and other media.

Today, when the training team introduces new e-learning courses, the employee receives an email notification, in either French or Dutch, and automatically logs into the LMS through Single-Sign-On. Here they can read a short introduction in the LMS’s newsfeed that explains the purpose and scope of the training. The smooth communication in the employee’s own local language helps mobilize the employees and provides a personalized experience for the individual.

Speedy implementation and opportunities with authoring

It took less than 3 months for Nagelmacker’s platform to be operational. During and after the launch, Nagelmackers’ training team uses the in-platform chat support to quickly get answers to any questions they might have.

Building e-learning courses was new to Nagelmackers’ training team and has been a skill they needed to acquire. However, the eloomi Authoring tool makes it easy and fast for trainers to create engaging e-learning courses. The tool has sophisticated features with full multimedia options but is simple to use and lets you create interactive e-learning modules based on the SCORM protocol.

The fact that eloomi Authoring requires no technical design skills means that Gwendoline Jacobs and Nagelmackers’ team of trainers can avoid dated static PowerPoints and create engaging e-learning fast. Since the tool is very easy to use, individual departments are also now starting to create their own e-learning as well.

So far, Nagelmackers has achieved great results by introducing online product and compliance training for employees. As their next step, the renowned bank is now considering introducing digital employee development plans through eloomi’s integrated performance management.

Key Takeaways

  • Nagelmackers needed flexible e-learning to keep up with compliance standards and technical product training.
  • With eloomi LMS product and compliance training, Nagelmackers were able to meet demand whilst saving time and money.
  • Nagelmacker employees enjoyed the new training, reporting that e-learning felt “much more dynamic and satisfactory.”
  • Managers were able to use report insights to easily keep track of training progress and course completion.
  • With Authoring, Nagelmackers can create engaging e-learning fast, and are now looking at integrating performance management.