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Discover the future of learning with eloomi’s AI. Elevate your content and people development effortlessly, unlocking new levels of productivity and success in todays dynamic world.

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Introducing the eloomi AI

Discover the endless possibilities of Learning and People Development with the power of the eloomi’s AI. And because it’s eloomi, it’ll be easy. No need to be an AI expert, you’ll just feel you’re getting ahead faster, while eloomi does the hard work in the background for you.

Features & benefits

Effortless course creation

Imagine the power to generate comprehensive and engaging courses at the click of a button. Our AI-driven course builder streamlines the course creation process, enabling you to produce tailored, high-quality content with minimal effort. Transform your approach to learning with smart, personalized course design that adapts to your unique needs.

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Features & benefits

Auto-generated, tailored quizzes

Transform how you assess learning. Harnessing the power of AI, this tool dynamically creates comprehensive quizzes directly from your course content. It intelligently analyzes the material to generate relevant, challenging questions, ensuring a thorough evaluation of learners’ understanding.

Features & benefits

Seamless multilingual learning

Break language barriers in learning with our Automatic Translation of Courses. This innovative feature offers instant, accurate translations, making your content accessible in multiple languages. Enhance global reach and inclusivity, ensuring that every learner, regardless of their native tongue, has equal access to your educational resources.

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