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Corporate Social Responsibility

A word from our CEO

Our CSR Policy Statement is not simply about maximizing profitability. It’s much broader than that. CSR means being a responsible business. At eloomi we care deeply about the environment, supporting human rights, and giving back with the Red Cross.

CSR at eloomi sets how we act responsibly on both a corporate and an individual level. As well as clear policies for key responsibility areas and goals that we strive for together.

CSR Achievements

At eloomi, we are committed to principled business practices and our respect for people and the planet.

Aligned to UN Global Compact
Recycle of Waste
Carbon Neutral Hosting
CO2 Reduction
CSR Compliance
Red Cross Initiative Support

We're reducing our carbon footprint

We recognize the rising urgency of environmental issues from climate change to food and water scarcity – as well as their connections to social and development priorities.

We are committed to move beyond traditional approaches and actively address environmental risks. At eloomi, we want to create a more sustainable future and be a part of the global solution. In 2021, we reduced our CO2 emissions by 13% & are emit 30% less than the average office-related companies worldwide.

Leveraging new technologies to manage energy
Saving carbon by reducing travel
We have a strong
focus on
Using digital
to mitigate environmental impact

Aligned to UN Global Compact

The world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, eloomi supports the UN Global Compact program and aligns to the UN Global Compact 10 principles.

Diversity is Key

Diversity at eloomi is important for our success, as well as our contribution to a better work environment and support for our surrounding community.

Our ambitions are huge, as we aim for full gender equity and representation. While surpassing our goal to achieve a 50% multicultural workforce.

We support the Red Cross

We’re proud of our support and collaboration with the Red Cross. As individuals and as a team we contribute to making a difference for people when crisis strikes. In October 2019, our office clothing drive resulted in 145 kilos of clothing being donated to the Red Cross. Our donation can help.

Let’s make a
difference together

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