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The learning & performance management solution that engages people and helps them improve. With eloomi learning management system you can now connect the dots between training and performance!


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Simple & engaging learning and people development.

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Go for simplicity

Most organisations already have a solution for learning management and others for performance management. But it’s complex and not being used as intended.

eloomi thinks differently and takes you to the forefront of the 2018 way of making LMS being a great success. eloomi learning management system makes life simple for those who look to get access to innovation and achieve more with less.

Regardless of size and culture in your organisation, eloomi lets you pick the combination of functionalities that’s right for you.

See how simplicity and engagement can help you move people and change outcomes, with an easy to use learning management system. Welcome to 2018.

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Listen to what our customers say about us

Eniro checks in for employee development

“Our Eniro Development Platform makes it easy for the manager to follow a smooth process and to help the employee put energy into the right focus areas.”


Charlotte Lentini From
HR Manager, Eniro


Happy customer with onboarding and development

“Our onboarding success rate increased from 33 % to 100 % since we took in eloomi. This percentage indicates how many of our staff stay in their jobs after onboarding is concluded.”


Peter Brøndberg
HR Business Partner, Berlingske Media


We know we are different than other providers, and it’s told by our customers as well