Retail LMS

LMS for retail training success

Ramp-up retail staff in record time with a retail training platform to secure expert product knowledge, and customer service excellence.

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Supporting hundreds of companies worldwide to deliver great learning and development experiences

Retail training platform

Elevate staff training with a dedicated LMS for retail

Get retail staff up to speed in record time with a training solution designed to secure expert product knowledge and outstanding customer service.

There’s no standing still in retail, so it’s essential your team is fully aware of consumer expectations and able to consistently deliver exceptional customer interactions. With eloomi, you can assign training, access from anywhere, and track results across stores.

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Onboard retail staff

Rapidly onboard & activate teams

Speed up training with the eloomi LMS for retail. With a retail training platform, you can streamline the onboarding process, empowering new team members with essential skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Ensure that your workforce is equipped to deliver exceptional service with a retail learning management system that makes training accessible, engaging, and fast.

  • Get new hires to full productivity faster with consistent training that’s no trouble to manage
  • Retain staff and reduce turnover with relevant, focused and engaging courses
  • Save time with a cost-effective training solution, built to make managers’ lives easier

“We chose eloomi as our people development software to build a best practice for company-wide training of employees across roles and regions.”

Jon Harald Johnson

Head of Training & Development at XXL Sports & Outdoor

Retail courses from compliance to cashier training

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Sales essentials

Deliver a great customer experience from first greeting to checkout

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Product training

Get familiar with product knowledge fundamentals and features

Team leadership

Train the next generation of managers to lead successful & effective teams

Engagement & retention

Motivate and engage your retail teams for success

Drive growth with an LMS for retail designed to motivate your teams with relevant and engaging courses. By delivering easy and accessible training that resonates with their day-to-day roles, retail teams are able to reduce turnover and foster a culture of ambition and achievement, ensuring every team member is up to speed.

  • Get new hires to full productivity faster with consistent training that’s no trouble to manage
  • Retain staff and reduce turnover with relevant, focused and engaging courses
  • Save time with a cost-effective training solution, built to make managers’ lives easier


Effortlessly connect HRM software

Connect all of your HRIS tools at the click of a button & create a seamless user experience with eloomi SSO & integrations.

Mobile App

Tap into development on any device

Access all learning and performance feedback conversations from anywhere with the lightning-fast mobile app.


What is eloomi?

eloomi is a learning and development platform that makes it easy for companies worldwide to train and develop their people. Our learning and development platform is the simplest way to see success with people development, eliminate complexity, and fuel productivity.

Who are dayforce?

Dayforce are a global leader in HCM technology focused on improving work for thousands of customers and millions of employees around the world. Through a single, global people platform for HR, payroll, talent, and workforce management, Dayforce customers are able to unlock their full workforce potential and operate with confidence.

eloomi can be bought as a standalone solution or as an integrated solution in Dayforce’s HCM platform.

What are the features of eloomi?

eloomi offers a range of learning and development solutions, including employee training, onboarding, compliance training, content authoring, performance management, skills development, blended learning, reporting and insights.

What is eloomi's pricing model?

eloomi offers affordable pricing options to cater to your business needs. Learn more about our price plans here.

What languages does the eloomi platform support?

The eloomi app is available in the following languages: English, Danish, French, German, Chinese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Do you support Single sign-on?

Yes. eloomi SSO eliminates the problem of employees having separate logins to applications within your organizations. By using eloomi SSO, you can make sure that users who are already logged in at application A will also be logged in automatically in eloomi. An SSO is mostly implemented if your organization works with: Azure AD or AD(FS). eloomi supports the SSO protocols, SAML 2.0 and oAuth 2.0.

What makes the eloomi LMS stand out for retail training?

Our retail learning management system is tailored to address the unique challenges of the retail sector. With eloomi, you get a comprehensive solution that optimizes every aspect of customer interaction, streamlines onboarding, and aligns with the evolving demands of modern consumers.

How does the eloomi LMS help retail teams to excel?

By immersing employees in training that resonates with their day-to-day responsibilities and aspirations, we empower them to excel in their roles, reducing turnover, and fostering a culture of ambition and achievement. Plus, eloomi is available on mobile, making it easy for employees to access training wherever they are, and complete training in record time.

Can an LMS help my retail business drive growth?

Absolutely. With the eloomi LMS for retail, you can transform your business by elevating service standards and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Our platform enables your team to excel, delivering exceptional service that helps you train teams faster, easily manage training across locations, and save hundreds of hours of manual work.

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