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How to Make eLearning Highly Engaging & Effective

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We live our lives online whether we care to admit it or not. We walk around with little computers in our pockets & share information with each other within seconds. With all this technology at our finger tips, why not incorporate it into learning? Here are a few tips on how to make eLearning engaging…

We walk around with little computers in our pockets & share information with each other within seconds. With all this technology at our finger tips, why not incorporate it into learning? Training employees is always time consuming and a little dull but not in today’s world of eLearning. Gone are the days where we sit in a room for hours receiving training. We have developed a new way to make it engaging & effective while having fun on the go!


Adding a level of competition to an activity makes it exciting. You want to complete the task to win the reward. We have seen this for years in regular gaming but why not learning? The satisfaction of a reward for completion drives a learner. Adding a point system, leaderboards, certificates and collectibles are all tactics that further engage the learner. At eloomi, we have different tiers for points and certificates that make completing a course fun. Having a leaderboard shows where everyone else in the company stands so you can accurately gauge where your progress is as an individual and within the company. Gamification is not only fun, it is accessible for all learning types since there is visual, auditory and kinesthetic aspects that can be found.

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Imaging is an important factor in any learning process. Incorporating a cohesive color palette, videos or even infographics can ensure the lesson stays with the learner. In the eloomi LMS solution, you can easily add your own company branding to ensure the color palette matches throughout your organization & your organizational learning. Looking to add a little engagement to a course? We love incorporating infographics into modules because it is a great way to combine color, images & information in a short-condensed packages have become so common in the way that we communicate with one an other, why not add it to training? These little video loops lighten the mood & add a little fun to the topic. Find one on the internet or create your own!

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As humans, we do not have the attention span or ability to multitask like we think we do. This is where microlearning, or small pieces of course content, come into play. Short, condensed pieces of information that sticks with the learner is what you will find the most effective. Creating a video that lasts around 90 seconds can give the learner the information they need in a time frame that they can truly process it. This also gives you, the trainer, the opportunity to look at what information is important rather than trying to overshare knowledge. Another example of microlearning is the visual imagery of infographics. Try giving a “refresher” at the end of each course in a short video or infographic, we guarantee that this is what will ensure the learner walks away recalling the highlights of the course.

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eLearning goes far beyond the computer. Creating e learning courses that can go with your learner on their phone or tablet will give them the opportunity to learn on their own time. When you give the learner the flexibility of having the tools they need in their back pocket, they can take their learning into their own hands. This encourages high engagement & effectiveness since they are participating when they feel ready. LMS solutions give e-learners a way to not only participate in the learning on the go but they can communicate with their manager or even check their progress anywhere, anytime.

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