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How to Reward Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank

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At eloomi, we believe hard work deserves to be recognized. Sometimes spending a lot of money to reward your employees is great luxury but most of the time you have to say thanks on a budget. These are a few of the things we do at our own office that will show you how to reward your…

Sometimes spending a lot of money to reward your employees is a great luxury but most of the time you have to show appreciation on a budget. Just because you are awarding on an allowance doesn’t mean your employees won’t appreciate the gesture. Some of our personal favorites here at eloomi are the ones that cost the least. Here are a few of the things we do at our own office that will show you how to reward your employees without breaking the bank

Puppy Play Day

Reward your employee’s hard work by allowing them to bring their furry friend in for the day. This might be an individual reward but let’s be honest, everyone loves having dogs in the office. We have three office dogs at eloomi & the days they come in are the days the entire office lights up. It is many eloomi team members’ favorite office perk.

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Public Praises

Had an employee who did something exceptional? We use the News Feed function on the eloomi platform to let the whole company know. Public praise is something that shows not only you are proud of their work but that others are as well. At eloomi we focus on all wins & achievements as a team effort which we call ONE eloomi.

Remote Control

Let your employees have a chance to work from home, a local coffee shop or even abroad. This shows that you believe they are responsible & hard working enough to get the work done even when they are “out of office.” Our Head of Inbound Marketing chose to utilize our remote working policy & head to Thailand for a month. His work never suffered while being remote & he gained some personal experiences of a lifetime. That’s a win-win to us!

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Award Show

Once a year at our Summer Party we present four awards to employees who have done amazing things throughout the year. We call them eloomi Stars. We send a notification through the eloomi platform a few weeks before the big day informing the team to take the survey to vote. The office is a buzz on the big day awaiting to find out who the winners are. Other than the public acknowledgment the reward is a picture of you & your winning title in our main hallway. A small token of hard work that we can appreciate for weeks to come.

Free Snacks & Coffee

Our morning always starts at the eloomi Coffee Hub where we exchange morning pleasantries while waiting for cups of coffee to brew. In the afternoon you can find a good amount of us coming back and forth from the kitchen with snacks. You have no idea how much employees appreciate not having to worry about a caffeine fix or a rumbling stomach.

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Your office doesn’t have to be all work & no play. In fact, you can work while you play. Gamification in learning has become more popular over the years & implementing this into your workplace has proved to be successful. By giving points for task completion or skills gained, you awaken the inner competitor we all have inside of us. With platforms like eloomi, tracking your employees’ points is easy. We hold weekly, monthly & sometimes quarterly competitions for module completion & platform points.

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Friday Treats

We start every Friday with a team breakfast. It gives us all a little time to connect before we start the final push for the week. We also end our Fridays at the same spot with an end of week meeting that has its own set of treats. Snacks & drinks are supplied and on display for the taking. We enjoy it so much, we sometimes stay a little longer to enjoy the time together before the weekend starts! This is one of the things that makes our office a family & not just a team.

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