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eloomi Days 2023: Building the ONEeloomi Spirit on a Global Scale

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Discover how eloomi celebrate their employees and build a brilliant company culture on a global scale with eloomi Days!

A company is only as strong as its people. That’s why at eloomi we launched eloomi Days: an event dedicated to bringing eloominizers from all over the world together to celebrate successes, learn and grow from one another, and get down to some serious team building.

Today, eloomi days has grown to an international event, and since we’ve seen the impact great team building has, we wanted to share what it’s like to unite as an international organization and build a company culture at scale.

So, what did we get up to in 2023? As the curtain falls on eloomi Days 2023, it’s time to reflect on what has been an incredible 3 days of learning, collaboration and fun. eloomi now boasts over 100 employees (or as we like to call ourselves: eloominizers), located across 5 countries, including Denmark, Germany, Norway, UK and US. 

With this dispersion of our team comes the challenge of building a vibrant and inclusive culture that transcends borders and timezones. In essence, how to create ONEeloomi. We asked Craig Cohen, Chief Sales Officer at eloomi, to share a little about the meaning and significance of this annual gathering. 

Building a Global Company Culture

eloomi Days is an integral part of the continuous process of building a great company culture on a global scale. As organizations grow or adopt hybrid work models, it can be easy to feel boxed out of the office environment, activities, and culture.

To bring our offices together, each May we invite all eloominizers around the world to come to our Hub in Copenhagen, Denmark – providing flights and accommodation. The immediate impact of this event is to swell the number of eloominizers in the Hub and build a sense of shared energy and excitement. That excitement is amplified by meeting colleagues who for the most part may be eloominizers you have only ever communicated with via email or over a Teams call. Nothing beats that in-person interaction for truly getting to know someone. 

Over the next 3 days is an event-packed agenda of workshops, all-hands and activities. 2023 is a big year for eloomi, and eloomi Days represents a great opportunity for the senior leadership team to update on important developments, as well as to share our mission for the next 12 months and beyond. Transparency is essential for building block for what we as 100+ eloominizers are striving to achieve together, and a crucial element of ONEeloomi. 

In a nutshell, eloomi Days is all about:

  • Learning: an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and solutions 
  • Transparency: Setting out the goals and plans for the future
  • Participation: encouraging contribution and inspiring energy  
  • Coming together: creating connections and having fun as a team 

Celebrating Wins and Teambuilding Together

Throughout eloomi Days we held a series of team workshops: a chance to collectively discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing individual departments – whether it be Sales, Product or Customer Success.

Questions can be asked and ideas explored. eloomi is somewhere every eloominizer has a voice, and with over 30 nationalities and 3 generations represented, that diversity is an immense source of creative inspiration. 

No eloomi Days would be complete without some fun, and we certainly had that in abundance. Splitting up into small teams, our trivia knowledge and puzzle solving skills were put to the test.

Later on, things got even more competitive, as we were tasked with building our own Soap Box Derby racing car, ready to face-off against the opposing teams in a frantic (and sometimes chaotic) race to the finish line. On the final day, awards were handed out to recognize and celebrate our star performers of the last year. 

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ONEeloomi Spirit Showcased at Scale

Creating an awesome company culture isn’t done with words. At eloomi it is reinforced day-to-day in how our eloominizers collaborate in a spirit of inclusivity, that in turn fosters a sense of belonging. 

At eloomi, we firmly believe in giving everyone the support and opportunities they need to learn and grow, all the while having structured development plans to help guide that growth and help you to ensure you are unlocking your full potential. 

All in all, this years’ eloomi Days was a wonderful showcase of what happens when people unite behind a shared goal and purpose – and we couldn’t be more proud of our ONEeloomi culture. Roll on eloomi Days 2024!

If you’d like to learn more about our ONEeloomi culture then visit our ‘About us’ page for further information. 

Want to be a part of our next exciting eloomi Days event? See all of our current job postings here.

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