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How to Retain Employees with Relevant & Inspiring Skills Training  

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Lately, an employee leaving a job has become the new normal. A process that often seems inevitable. But is it really? With eloomi’s powerful learning and management system, you can provide your people with a priceless reason to stay: developing themselves.  

Attract and Retain Employees with Skills Training

In hard times, we’ve all been stuck with the question of how to retain employees. But not only is this is a constant question for all human resources leaders, it’s a growing concern for businesses. When an employee decides to leave, this moment should represent a great opportunity to reflect not only for HR professionals but also for L&D practitioners and managers.

Above all, the decision to start a new career chapter is not always determined by conflicts or particular difficulties within a company. On the other hand, it’s a clear signal of an unsatisfactory situation regarding the employee’s role and goals. Thus, when another offer seems better than our current job, it simply means that our working status lacks something important.

So, how can we spot red flags before it’s too late? How to retain employees successfully? Companies can’t read their employees’ minds, but they can certainly work on prevention and forge unique approaches. It’s crucial to track your workforce’s well-being and take action when needed.

Additionally, when employees leave, working on a proper goodbye is recommended, which may lead to having people back one day. Boomerang employees will be the ideal examples of an exceptional company culture and truly positive management. Instead, having an upset employee leave with hard feelings may spread a bad reputation about the company and damage future hiring potential.

In other words, don’t underestimate the importance of the offboarding experience for both sides!

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How to retain employees – The best ways with eloomi

So, how to retain employees in the long run? As we know, this is one of the most significant challenges businesses worldwide face. The pandemic and remote work have radically changed the job market and employees’ new needs.

According to the latest labor turnover summary of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ‘the total separations increased to 6.3 million. Within separations, the quits rate increased to 3.0 percent’. These numbers should work more to encourage companies to do better instead of bringing a frightening reminder. While rapid changes may tempt employees, HR departments need to foresee situations and be ready to unleash their powerful abilities to motivate employees. 

Don’t get me wrong; this is not a suggestion to beg employees to stay. Instead, it’s a call to be more creative in building a stronger company development culture and be prepared regarding employee retention. So, let’s discover together what are the ways to retain employees today!

Have an excellent onboarding process 

A good start is half the battle? Yes, indeed. With a dedicated plan for new hires, you can ensure long-lasting loyalty. eloomi have the right solution for building a customized onboarding.

Offer relevant and effective skills training 

Employees are tired of repeating endless courses without learning new abilities and valuable competencies. Meanwhile, McKinsey found that 87% of global orgs are battling a skills gap. So why not connect the two by offering engaging skills training that strengthens your business? Map out your workforce’s skills in minutes to avoid random (and useless) training distribution. 

Set recurrent meetings to discuss career development 

Do you know how it ends when you don’t address that elephant in the room? Well, the less you communicate with your people, the more you may encounter misunderstandings and bad surprises. Don’t assume; ask and answer openly about development.

Build a positive and diverse work environment 

It’s needless to pinpoint that this advice is the most crucial requirement for all types of business. You won’t be able to retain or hire talent without establishing a safe workplace where people thrive.

Enable a feedback culture with transparent communication and active listening 

If you are willing to support all the conversations with your employees, you must ensure that feedback is not optional. Don’t forget to shape it as constructive and continuous.

Talk openly about salaries and benefits to understand potential changes 

Avoiding any taboos means allowing discussions with individuals about their contracts, rewards, holidays, and other employment perks. If you ignore this element, you’ll end up losing employees that were seeking realistic shifts in their wages or work conditions.

Create a timeline with milestones and goals to have a clear career overview 

No matter if you are a team leader, a manager, or an HR specialist, this one needs your attention. Employees should be responsible for their own development and be able to work hard to achieve desired results. Guide them with a straightforward program, precise data, and performance appraisals.

Prioritize well-being and teamwork

Don’t call it a day if you haven’t taken into consideration your workforce’s health. Being a leader also means being the guardian of high morale and collaboration among colleagues.

Each of these elements is dependent on the other ones; you can’t have well-being if you don’t build a positive environment, or you can’t create a development plan without an effective skills training system, etc. So, it’s fundamental to have an efficient solution like eloomi to help you succeed in retaining employees after the first months.

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