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Design, Define & Deliver Your Ideal Performance Reviews

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Depending on the experience and maturity of the organisation, HR professionals can take several routes when revamping their performance reviews, feedback and people development. These updates can range from simple to more advanced.

According to Gallup’s annual survey of employee engagement, 66% of employees are not engaged at work. That’s two thirds of the workforce actively disengaged with tasks, training, and development. And a problem that HR can’t solve alone.

Modern performance management solutions help bridge the gap between HR, managers, and employees – to put your people back on track in terms of development, productivity, and the holy grail: engagement. 

By connecting learning and development, HR are able to support managers with impactful performance reviews, better conversations, and building development paths. Check-ins shouldn’t stop at feedback and objective-setting, but need to sync up with training and development plans that support both the employee and business in long-term goals. 

The good news is that this is no longer a big project! With eloomi, it’s simple to track performance review outcomes, set tailored goals and objectives, and assign meaningful training to upskill your top talent. 

Below, we’ll walk you through 3 simple steps to design, define, and deliver your ideal performance reviews.

1. Design the ideal performance review for your organisation

With eloomi journeys, HR can set up workflows for employee performance reviews and automate processes across the organization, or even tailor workflows for departments, teams, or even groups of employees. Perhaps you’d like a unique performance review path for employees on leadership and management development tracks? With eloomi, that’s no problem. 

This step in the process allows you to create your ideal foundation and expectations for a performance review process that’s unique to your organization, which will help you create quality one-to-one conversations that can lead to better outcomes.

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2. Define your ideal performance culture

The conversations and goals & objectives solutions are all about creating more impactful (and practical) takeaways from each manager-employee check-in. eloomi helps you to define your optimal review process, one that will fit with your mission and purpose. 

Managers and employees are able to plan for upcoming 1-1s and conversations by preparing shared and private notes, using suggested agenda items and questions, and collaborating together on performance review outcomes. Long-term goals and objectives can easily be tracked, giving managers (and the business) a simple overview of employee progress. With your performance review process defined, you can eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach and achieve more meaningful evaluations from ongoing feedback or check-ins.

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3. Deliver performance reviews in just a few clicks

With performance review processes, 1-1 conversations, and goals and objectives ready to go, it’s simple to deliver reports and check in on progress in the manager dashboard. This view allows managers and HR to easily share outcomes from people development initiatives, narrow-in on individual performance, or see department-wide results in just a few clicks. 

  • Managers will always be able to see the progress and completion of an appraisal
  • Employees are notified, by reminders, during the appraisal process and have access to their appraisal on their page
  • Goals and objectives connects to the employee profile, where feedback and 1-1 check-ins can begin
  • HR can quickly begin to review any plans and support where necessary. They also will have access to any data needed via eloomi’s Insights reporting
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Build Better Performance Reviews with eloomi

Breathing new life into your performance reviews to drive culture and values has never been more crucial. Modern performance review processes need to keep pace with a changing culture of the workplace and new employee expectations. So why not explore a modern solution?

At eloomi, we are passionate about this topic and have real, hands-on experiences to share with you. Our goal is to be helpful to you as you explore the best ways and options to succeed. Begin a conversation with us to learn how eloomi can help you create your ideal performance reviews.

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