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7 OKR templates to set strategic performance goals

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When setting goals and objectives, OKR templates are a great starting point to give you the framework you need to succeed on business goals.

Whether you’re starting from an organizational, departmental, or individual level, goal setting and OKR templates can help you create transparency and alignment for your organization’s performance goals.

How to set OKRs through employee goals & objectives

When first creating goals and objectives for your teams, keep the following in mind. The Objective should be a goal or an intent. Objectives often have an outlook and are inspiring by nature. Key Results should be inspired by SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals. When you have formulated your Objective and Key Results, you can check if they fit each other by putting them into this formula:

I will (Objective) measured by (this set of Key Results)”

Now that you have a clear approach to goal-setting, you can build a better structure into company goals as well. Being aligned internally allows you to drive productivity at an individual, as well as organizational level.

Remember, The best way of practicing OKR’s are by following a direct line throughout the company. However, OKR’s are not a one size fits all solution, so each team and individual should have tailored OKR’s. Every single OKR, if done right, will contribute to the strategy of the firm, which will work for the firm’s mission and vision. That way, Objectives & Key Results give even the smallest tasks a higher purpose – as long as the OKR’s are transparent.

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OKR Template for HR Goals & Objectives

Use this OKR template with examples for setting HR objectives and key results.

Objective: Improve internal employee engagement and job satisfaction

Key Result: Implement eloomi in all teams to make sure OKR’s are visible

Key Result: Conduct an online survey to ask employees about their need to improve the work culture. (possible via eloomi)

Key Result: Create quarterly feedback sessions between manager and employees. 

Objective: Increase the amount of new hires

Key Result: Onboard 5 new employees each month

Key Result: Get each new hire to be fully compliant after a maximum of one month.

Key Result: Complete a one-on-one feedback session with every new hire. 

OKR Template for Marketing Goals & Objectives

Objective: Simplify and clarify our product, messaging, and overall presentation 

Key Result: Create new brand and product messaging guide

Key Result: Update branding across public and internal channels

Key Result: Send out key press releases in Q1 announcing rebran

OKR Template for Tech Goals & Objectives

Objective: Review and improve our cybersecurity procedures.

Key Result: Document backup policies and make sure they get implemented

Key Result: 100% completion rate on the compliance modules in the next month. 

Key Result: Guarantee uptime and availability of 97.95%

Learn more about how to get started with OKRs and goal setting in our OKR Guide

OKR Template for Finance Goals & Objectives

Objective: Improve budgeting and business planning.

Key Result: Conduct a planning session with each team manager once a quarter.

Key Result: Hire a new bookkeeper. 

Key Result: Ensure we close our financials within 2 weeks of a quarter.

OKR Template for Customer Services Goals & Objectives

Objective: Improve customer service satisfaction. 

Key Result: Increase response time to customer queries by 20%.

Key Result: Reach out to x customers as part of the customer review campaign. 

Key Result: Conduct 12 interviews with top customers.  

Build custom goals and objectives with eloomi

Remember, these performance review goal examples can be tailored to fit any goal or objective. It’s the structure that’s key to make key results achievable and measurable. When setting your OKRs, remember:

  • OKR’s should be tailored to the individual 
  • Good Objectives are a goal or an intent. They also have an outlook and are inspiring by nature.
  • Good Key Results should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound

If you’re eager to put your goal and objective setting skills to the test, or just want to see how you can make OKRs practical for your managers and teams, let us walk you through our performance management solution. We’re always here to help!

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