Amplifying employee training results with WS Audiology

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WS Audiology are a global manufacturer and retailer of hearing aids. Headquartered in Denmark and Singapore, they’ve helped millions of people around the world regain and benefit from the miracle of hearing.


WS Audiology were looking to globally  expand employee training & development


A scalable and user-friendly platform to support tailored digital learning 


Aligned and engaged employees with personal development paths

Delivering employee training results across locations

WS Audiology are a global leader in the hearing aid industry. Today, one in every three hearing aids was made by WS Audiology, and they’ve grown to support people in over 130 markets with over 12,000 people employed worldwide. That’s a massively impressive feat, but it’s also a massive logistics challenge for the Head of Commercial Retail Training at WS Audiology, Jeannette Westergaard.

We spoke to Jeannette about how the eloomi platform is helping to support in building a learning culture in WSA Retail. To drive employee development and training results, it´s important to have a user-friendly learning platform as the enabler to develop and drive a global learning culture.

With eloomi it´s possible to scale to deliver global training programs across locations and offer real support for personal development, upskilling and reskilling.

With this in mind, Jeannette has been happy with eloomi as a retail learning platform because it´s making learning easy and accessible for employees, and the platform offers great features which makes it easy to involve managers and local ambassadors to promote skills training and development.

Listening closely to employee development goals

WSA Retail have made unlocking human potential their primary goal, and it’s one which chimes with internal talent development.

In WSA retail “we want to offer development opportunities and drive a learning culture that both will support our employees in their current role and in their aspirations for where they want to move next”, says Jeannette.

“As part of our content strategy we aim to go beyond basic training to offer more personal and tailored skills training, with managers on board to foster development and check progress.”

We make sure that we train our people out in all our centres and ensure that they feel engaged, and that they know exactly how to develop themselves

Jeannette Westergaard, Head of Commercial Retail Training at WS Audiology 

Launching employee training initiatives for success

With a digital training platform it’s easy to launch new learning initiatives. But what’s much more difficult is supporting and cultivating that movement into something that builds momentum. To make the most of training, employees need to feel motivated and engaged: something that can be a challenge when juggling teams and departments across locations.

WSA Retail solved this challenge by appointing local ambassadors to push the eloomi platform, help onboard teams, and explore skills and skill sets within different roles. This network of local learning enablers helped to ensure system implementation and support the local market in using and driving traffic through the platform.

Even more importantly, WSA Retail made sure to get managers engaged with the platform early, so they could lead by example, assist teams wherever guidance was needed, and ensure that training was relevant and engaging for all employees.

“We engage with all the managers because they need to take charge of training, and send a signal that training is important for all employees. If training is on the managers’ agenda, it will also be on the team members’ agenda to focus on development,” says Jeannette.

By appointing local ambassadors and engaging with all managers, WSA Retail was able to create a platform that supported employee learning and development and ultimately drive a culture of learning engagement across teams and locations.

Key takeaways

  • WS Audiology needed a platform to train and develop 3000+ employees across 130 locations
  • With eloomi, they were able to launch employee training and development initiatives simultaneously around the world
  • WSA Retail involved managers and learning ambassadors to drive platform adoption and engagement right from day one
  • The platform’s accessibility and ease of use made it easy for employees and managers alike to navigate and connect with training
  • WS Audiology are now able to support tailored skills training and follow up on personal development to meet new growth goals