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Secure successful 1:1 conversations

Verisure was looking for a way for team managers to be better prepared for their 1:1 conversation with their employees. Their previous process included spending a lot of time on the administrative portion of the dialogue rather than the dialogue themselves. They needed a solution that would help them have regular 1:1 dialogue while reducing the amount of work needed to keep track of previous dialogues.

Our employees are more motivated to be here and because they are more motivated, they are preforming better. When people are performing better, we see a lower churn on our employees because they are happy to be here at Verisure.

Marc Leth Maze, Head of Inhouse Sales

A break-in employee/manager dialogue

By switching to eloomi for their monthly 1:1 employee/manager dialogues, Verisure realized the platform was making it easier to follow up on the conversations. Employees now have a clearer view on areas of improvement and managers can easily follow up on the company & personal goals. eloomi’s platform is built to access learning & conversations from any device at any time which is ideal for a team that is on the go. Verisure employees and managers can review their dialogues whenever they want which has helped highly impact their business.


Better prepared 1:1 developmental conversation between managers and employees.


Less time spent on administration to facilitate monthly 1:1 dialogues.


Motivated employees who are preforming better with more productive feedback.

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