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Scandinavian Technology Institute, or STI is a consulting company in Norway that helps develop the entire customer journey. What sets them apart from other companies is their ability to combine their expertise in sales, service and management to create a good customer experience through all stages of today’s customer travel, both in digital and offline channels. They focus on the digital transformation journey of both B2C & B2B companies like Synsam, Ark, Ferner Jacobsen, Ruter, Wikborg Rein, Protector & Umoe.

STI’s learning hub, STI Progress, is powered by eloomi. Partnering with eloomi helps them offer brand new learning and performance feedback technology to help their clients succeed.

STI Progress is an end-to-end delivery for STI customers. STI’s services offer skilled representatives that are specialised in building a learning culture while ensuring that all learning activities are effective. They also help identify performance areas that have the greatest impact on the results.

Learning the law

A great example of this is the international law firm, Wikborg Rein. To meet the customers high demands, Wikborg Rein have together with STI created a digital platform to connect people and technology. The platform ensures that all their employees stays compliant and that they have access to relevant learning material. The digital learning platform helps to ensure that all lawyers continue to stay compliant. The platform is also used for onboarding, reboarding and as a tool for blended learning in relation to the courses needed for the Bar Association.

Wikborg Rein is also leveraging their personal development feedback in the platform to more effectively follow up on their talents and ensure that everyone gets continuous and customised development.

STI has contributed with great solutions to how we can simplify and improve competence development internally. The system is easy to use, both to develop content and for users to engage with. It was also important for us to find a solution where we could link performance development plans with learning concepts in the solution and easily get a status on whether the course has been completed.

Line Daler, Learning Consultant Wikborg Rein


Legacy solution not meeting customer requirements and not fulfilling strategic initiatives


Access to HR technology and innovation with the ability to execute strategic initiatives


Growth and retention of high-profile brands across Scandinavia with the ability to attract and win new propositions

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