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Oliver Agency, a global marketing consultancy based out of the United Kingdom, was looking to transform the delivery of their induction process to improve their employee experience while increasing employee retention.

The business experience that the monthly inductions sessions didn’t provide timely training and that employees were missing the events and the administrative complexity and extreme lack of transparency was a problem for the business.

Emmett Pink, Head of Learning and Development
Emmett Pink is an experienced Head of L&D with expertise in Face2Face and Digital programme creation and delivery. His experience includes implementing a global LMS, developing L&D strategies across multiple business disciplines, driving a culture of inclusion and diversity and up-skilling management and leadership.

Innovating the onboarding journey for all stakeholders

They realised that their monthly induction sessions weren’t providing timely trainings and that employees were missing the events. These sessions were also very admin heavy and lacked transparency for their business, People Development team, managers and the employees. After reviewing the process, surveying internal stakeholders and reviewing exit interviews, it was clear that the induction process was prohibitive to a great start for employees at Oliver. Because of this misstep, in the beginning, the organisation culture, values and beliefs were not able to be passed down from existing employees to the new employees, especially to those working on the client sites. Additionally, external stakeholders weren’t sure if the training given to the staff on their site.  

By choosing eloomi as their end-to-end digital solution, they have been able to innovate the induction process, drive down employee attrition & improve performance for their customers and key internal stakeholders. Switching to eloomi has also helped Oliver reduce their administrative burden and increased the appetite for other transformation projects. Their eloomi platform has brought together all the elements of managing the employee induction journey into one digital platform. 

Increased employee engagement and performance

Since switching to eloomi to improve their employee experience in August 2019, Oliver Agency has reported a 20% reduction on employee attrition, an increase in employee performance and employee engagement. Additionally, this digital transformation has provided the external stakeholders with a secure location to store and track the information provided for site-specific employee induction as well as increase their confidence in the employees joining their site. All Oliver employees now have a consistent cultural experience that provides them with a greater insight into the organisation, values and expected behaviours at the start of their new role.

It has also provided the launchpad for new employees to embrace the digital-first approach to learning and development. Initially, this was to be rolled out only to the UK and European based employees, however, within months, it quickly extended to all regional offices as the impact experienced was transformative to the business. Since switching to a digital process, they have been able to have induction sessions weekly instead of monthly, as well as, have supported their employees the COVID-19 with online 180-minute sessions. These sessions allow Oliver to not only host inductions for the UK & European employees, but they can also connect with their colleagues in South Africa, Russia, Turkey and India at the same time.

Sustainable, scalable and flexible

Over 300 new Oliver employees have been through this new blended induction process in their eloomi platform. Since they have shifted from a manual, labour-intensive process to a digital one, Oliver has been able to measure the success throughout their global offices. The eloomi platform is sustainable, scalable, and able to deliver Oliver employees with a timely induction filled with real-time information no matter where they are in lockdown or when they return to the office.

For the administrations, their new access to information has reduced planning of induction events, increased attendance, and streamlined the surveying of feedback from their employees. Switching to eloomi has also impacted the business as they are now able to extract reports on the inductions held and has simplified the distribution of costs. The Oliver Agency eloomi platform has an engagement rate of over 90% due to it being populated with content to develop employees beyond their first 90 days, and they are now moving into specific job-role training.


Required a software tool to manage onboarding of employees based in Oliver offices and clients sites.


Increased employee experience, job readiness and performance, and reduce attrition.


Digitally transformed onboarding process that is scalable and flexible, reduced administration and costs, and delivering onboarding in a timely manner.

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