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Smooth sailing into compliance

Tourists and locals alike use the Danish started boat rental company, GoBoat, to explore their city’s maritime atmosphere. GoBoat is about making the waters accessible to everyone to experience the sense of freedom that exists at sea and to explore its city from a different perspective by being your own captain. The popularity of GoBoat is not only from the scenic views, but also from the sustainable initiatives that are adopted operationally down to its unique boat design for guests to have fun with minimal impact on the environment. With harbours in Copenhagen, two areas of London, and three Australian docks, keeping their guests and teams safe and compliant is a top priority.

To provide the best guest experience, GoBoat needed to find a way to properly train their seasonal crew up to the required standard of compliance and safety in a dynamic way. Hana, GoBoat’s Project Lead, took this task on to decide what the best skills training and solution would be ideal for their team. She agreed that eloomi was the tool to help them make their skills & compliance training dream a reality since it is not only admin friendly but user friendly as well. 

The eloomi platform was used to bring to life GoBoat Academy. Since it is a digital solution, the Danish-based office can share the platform easily to its partner locations in the UK and Australia and provide them with the designed partner modules and resources to ensure the same expectations for safety training all through the centralised platform.

Taking the wheel on training & development

By using the eloomi content builder as we have never seen before, Hana created learning content that included text, pictures and videos, completely aligned with the GoBoat branding strategy. It provided the employees with a blended learning approach to make sure all learners would be able to absorb and retain the knowledge, while also connecting with what GoBoat stands for: having fun while being sustainable. These modules are filled with the training of soft skills like communication, technical skills like engine solutions and compliance insights like legal and safety requirements. By making training fun and engaging, GoBoat has received a 93% completion rate proving that it is crucial to make your learning fun for your seasonal workers.

Since GoBoat has expanded their Danish business to the waterways of the UK and Australia, it became essential to provide the same level of ramped-up learning to all seasonal crew, while adjusting the training to the local regulations. Creating specific pre-boarding, onboarding and skills learning paths and adding automatic assignments made it more accessible from an administrative point of view and better and more relevant for everyone involved. Since Hana has made use of the automated report functionality in eloomi, GoBoat leaders can receive completion data reports right from the platform every week to ensure everyone is up-to-date on their safety & compliance training.

As a growing organisation, it becomes increasingly important to remember the purpose behind what we do and to ensure that the same standards and culture lives on from place to place. Having eloomi has really allowed us to stay on top of our game and strive for something better, ensuring every team member is feeling prepared and putting safety first.

With different modules catering to varying users, we want to set our team members up for success no matter the relationship to our organisation. We want them to have the knowledge and develop skills that can be applied to their strategic agendas of climbing up in their careers. Similarly, provide our partners with the resources to guide them in establishing, maintaining, and overcoming the challenges of a new GoBoat location.

Hana Kim Dyndegaard, Project Lead


Difficulty training seasonal team members about compliance and safety when spread across multiple locations


Facilitated a quicker and well-coordinated onboarding and training path to go from new hire to confident colleague


Streamlined training for GoBoat teams that can be easily updated to reflect local regulations

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