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Automating the Automotive Industry

CitNOW is a UK based company that is app-based for Automotive Retailers. They aid in video solutions to help create a more transparent, and easy, car buying and owning experience for their customers. Their idea now allows people to view cars without visiting car showrooms.

CitNOW began to produce a few eLearning modules on their website that quickly gained the interest of their User population. They then realized that there was a need to develop more eLearning modules and deploy them at a rapid speed.

This led them to begin looking for a new solution however, several challenges arose in the search including user experience, upload times, content security and reporting. Finding an LMS went from being a good idea to a necessary step for their business.

Shifting into the Next-Gen of Learning

What was important for CitNOW when looking for a platform was that it could match their company ideals. Head of Academy, Amir Razvi, said they were looking for:

A platform that would go above and beyond the standard, a solution which shares the same passion and values for technology and a platform that engages, excites and exceeds the needs of the user.

Amir Razvi, Head of Academy
This is what made eloomi stand out from the other LMS out there. eloomi’s principles were a great match with CitNOW’s when it comes to how they both approach working with people and technology. Since then, eloomi & CitNOW have developed a wonderful relationship of two companies which love to work with technology and provide next-generation learning solutions for their customers.


eLearning modules were previously taking too long to upload, lack of reporting and content security.


eloomi LMS gives their eLearning modules a secure place to live, with quick creation times and extensive reporting tools.


Customers can now upload and create their own eLearning modules in minutes while knowing their content is secure.

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OnDemand webinar - CitNOW's Journey of Digitalise Training

Two years since implementing eloomi, Amir has shared an update on their journey of driving digital transformation in the automotive industry.

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