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The 5 power skills to engage and enable employee development

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We’re thrilled to announce our celebration of Learning at Work Week from 13-19 May 2024, themed around ‘Learning Power’. This week is dedicated to engaging and upskilling your employees, fostering an environment where continuous learning is not just encouraged but celebrated.

We’re celebrating Learning at Work Week from 13-19 May 2024, themed around ‘Learning Power’, engaging and upskilling your employees. This is the best opportunity to empower your people to learn new skills and enable personal development. Luckily, our eloomi Content experts have curated dedicated learning paths for the 5 power skills of 2024 to mark this week. 

Encouraging your teams to upskill and learn in the workplace can benefit both employees and leaders by:

  • Mapping and addressing skills gaps
  • Motivating employees and supporting talent retention 
  • Contributing to business priorities and strategies 

Discover our 5 Power Skills courses list and find out how your employees can access a unique online course playlist for a limited time.

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The 5 power skills for 2024 and how they benefit employees

  • Analytical Judgement: Develop the ability to critically analyse information and make informed decisions.
  • Adaptability: Master the art of navigating change and thriving in dynamic environments.
  • Digital Intelligence: Enhance your understanding and utilisation of digital tools and technologies for success.
  • Social Influence: Harness the power of persuasion and effective communication to drive positive outcomes.
  • Creative thinking: Unlock innovative solutions and approaches to solve complex problems.

With eloomi, it’s easy to enable all-new learning paths and cultivate development. Our Learning and Development Platform features an integrated content library, allowing you to tap into training sourced and curated by our global network of content partners, with over 85,000+ courses available, from compliance essentials to niche and industry-specific topics.

Don’t miss this chance to engage and empower your people with our skills learning offer. Join us throughout the week as we highlight the top 5 power skills needed in 2024 and unlock the power of our curated content library.

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