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The people development balancing act

Join experts Isabelle Muthsam (L&D Specialist) and Andrew Mina (Senior L&D Specialist) in this webinar, created in collaboration with SHRM, sharing key findings from the People Development Report. Explore employee engagement challenges, strategies, and practical tips to reshape your approach to people development.

Understand why people development matters now more than ever

Learn how you can make an impact at work to retain and engage your people

Gain practical approaches for L&D to support business targets

How do you keep your people engaged?

New research, the people development report, has found a pattern in organizations around the world. Poor conversations and development opportunities lead to lost employees. And now, more than ever, it’s critical to retain talent.


of leaders believe individual performance is discussed weekly

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of HR professionals’ time is spent on admin tasks related to development

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1.25 billion

is spent globally on employee-manager one-on-one meetings every day

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Unpacking insights from the people development report

In this webinar, created in collaboration with SHRM, we unpack insights from the people development report. This research surveyed over 1,500 business professionals in medium-sized companies about their experiences of people development. Job roles span senior leadership, heads of HR, learning and development leads, and front-line employees. The data covers the US, UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

  • A structured performance process provides answers to belonging, freedom, impact, and mastery of individuals.
  • OKR models support this, with clear, transparent company and department goals giving structure and providing strategy.
  • A performance process needs to be designed to be proactive, engaging, motivating, and enlightening, rather than reactive and punishing.
  • Senior management’s view of people development often contrasts with employee experiences.
  • HR and L&D leaders need help to free up time from manual administration to focus on what really matters to the business.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the challenges and solutions facing learning and development teams today.

About the speakers

Andrew Mina

Head of Customer Experience at eloomi

Andrew is an Australian living in Copenhagen, Denmark, who is passionate about things HR and HRTech. Every day, he talks about L&D, workplace and customer experience, and building connections and communities. He believes that everyone has a next step in their professional development, and he aims to lead, guide, and coach them towards it.

Isabelle Muthsam

L&D Specialist at eloomi

With more than 10 years of experience within global Learning & Development, Isabelle has built solid expertise covering amongst others LMS implementations, training and program conceptions, creations of role-specific onboarding experiences, leadership development, performance management, and now helping build skill-based organizations. With her long experience as L&D consultant, she is capable of supporting global training and development strategies, and driving local initiatives for all differing target groups.