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Experience skills development with eloomi

Start reskilling and upskilling and unlock your organization’s full potential! With Skills you can quickly map the skills employees have, want, and need, and get an overview to identify gaps in your training.

eloomi is a proud part of Dayforce. Our product videos will walk you through the capabilities of eloomi and Dayforce Learning.

Why it matters

Skills training is essential due to the rapid pace of industry changes, requiring employees to upskill and reskill quickly. Traditional learning methods are insufficient to meet this demand, leading to challenges in employee engagement and retention.


of companies worldwide currently have a skills gap or expect to in a few years

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of L&D leaders believe they are effective at upskilling and reskilling

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of CEOs reported that skills shortages are a top disruptor to business strategy

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Enable skills development to upskill and reskill your people

With eloomi, you can easily get an overview of all your employees’ skills and transform learning into a meaningful experience to achieve effective talent development.

  • Comprehensive skills overview: eloomi provides a complete view of employee skills, enabling effective talent development.
  • Employee empowerment: Employees can select and pursue the skills they have and need.
  • Skills gap visibility: Admins can easily identify skills gaps and necessary training through detailed reporting.
  • Interactive learning experience: Personalized training recommendations and learning paths transform learning into an engaging experience.
  • Extensive skills library: Access to a skills taxonomy allows organizations to define key business skills and plan future development based on specific roles.

Let eloomi elevate your reskilling and upskilling efforts to a new level, providing infinite possibilities for training and development.