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Product Update: Improved Access Groups & User Self Registration

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We are constantly working to improve our functionalities and make eloomi more user-friendly. Learn more about our recent updates to our platform.

We apply a customer-centric product approach to our product development efforts. This means that we listen carefully and collaborate with our customers to understand the challenges they are facing. Our creative process focuses on providing the most innovative solutions and our customers play a central role in this process.

With this update, we have improved:

  • The visibility to relevant users information by allowing admins and managers to upload and view certificates
  • Increased accessibility to the platform through self-registration

Extended Granularity Within Access Group Permissions

The need for HR platforms to be fully customisable is becoming more and more common. Companies no longer are looking for a one-size-fits-all LMS, PM or PA solution. This is something that makes eloomi unique. In this day and age, there is a need to control access to data. Several of our clients have expressed the need to limit or extend even further access to data and functionality within eloomi.
With this new update, you will be able to give access to menus and sub-menus within your platform.
Access group permissions in eloomi platform on a iMac laptop

Many companies have been using the eloomi platform to help them achieve their performance culture goals. See how our solution can support you in building your ideal performance culture.

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How it works:

Select the “settings” option on the admin panel & then select “access group permissions.” Here is where you can create the custom access group. Add the user names, and toggle on what permissions you would like them to have.

User Self Registration

Some organisations need a more scalable way to provide access to the required tools and systems. Invitation-based systems are time-consuming and not always suitable for organisations with high employee turnover. Industries that rely highly on seasonal workers will benefit from the possibility of users being able to register themselves to receive the required training and education.

Furthermore, to be in full control of the user access, we now allow you to limit the number of self signups to specific departments or teams as well as adding an approval request to the responsible manager or team leader.

As a retail organisation, with many seasonal workers, this function will save us a lot of administrational work in our HR department.

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How it works:

For the Admin – Under “settings”, select “new user creation” & fill out accordingly.
For the User: At the log in page click “create a new user”. From there, you will be asked to provide your first & last name, email and team or department.

Display Certificates

Previously, users were only one able to upload certificates to their profile. With this new functionality, both managers & administrators will be able to attach certificates to a user’s profile. We have also added the possibility for admins/managers to view certificates of a user. This greatly improves the visibility of a specific user’s competencies and skills whether they are driven both by internal or external learning.

Mac laptop with eloomi certificates open

How it works:

The “Certificate page” can be found on the user profile next to the learning, performance and coaching tabs. The page contains all the achieved certificates and is sorted by date of achievement.

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