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Here’s What Happened When eloomi Said G’Day to an Aussie Living in Copenhagen

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When I started my job search after graduating from my Master’s degree in Copenhagen, there were a few things I would look for when I read through job ads. Of course, my main focus was working for a company that would help me develop my marketing career.

But some other things I looked for included a fun corporate culture, a product that I believed in, a good office location, and a great employee experience. Finally, eloomi popped up, and I was ecstatic when I found out I’d be joining my fellow eloominizers!

train station melbourne

As an Australian living in Denmark, I knew that at some point I’d need to go home for different events. As I hadn’t spent Christmas with my family for 3 years, I promised them I would be there.

When you start a new job, you want to fully immerse yourself straight away to become a part of the fabric of the organisation. I was a little nervous about asking for some time off so soon into my time at eloomi, but I asked if I could work remotely for some of my time in Melbourne. Thankfully, since eloomi embraces a modern, flexible work policy, my manager was open to the opportunity! 

The New Workplace Reality

I belong in the Gen Y demographic, commonly known as the ‘millennials’, but also sometimes known as the ‘entitled’ or ‘self-obsessed’ generation. I beg to differ, but I could be a little biased…

One thing I do know for sure about our generation is that along with Generation Z, we are transforming the reality of workplaces around the world. This includes a more agile workforce, technology-based business processes and more flexible work, to name a few. These sorts of transformations in the workplace indicate a more modern type of shareholder view. This is where the focus shifts from being purely shareholder based, to a focus that recognises the forward-thinking reality that organisations need to spend more time thinking of their people. After all, your greatest asset is your people. 

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eloomi isn’t the only organisation embracing the modern workforce. In fact, flexible working is becoming more common across a wide range of industries, with many employees stating they would turn down job opportunities if flexible working wasn’t on the table.

I’m not sure I would want to spend that much time out of the office personally. To me, working at eloomi is more like working with your family, so we like to start the week together, spend the week together, and end the week together! As part of ONE eloomi’s mission to make eloomi the best place to work by providing the best possible employee experience, eloomi focuses heavily on trusting and empowering employees. This is reflected in eloomi’s flat structure, our innovative and supportive culture, and the unwavering passion that you see in each and every eloominizer to work towards eloomi’s mission.

So if that means that you need to, for example, work from Melbourne for a few days because you’ve travelled across the world to see your family for a bit, and you still get all of your work done, and you collaborate with your team on all of the great cloud-based tools we use every day such as Dropbox, Teams and Monday, then eloomi trusts and empowers you to get that done. I could even watch a live recording of our weekly Friday Pitch.

laptop coffee cafe

So, there I was, writing from a cafe called Tall Timber in Prahran, Melbourne, halfway through my period of remote work. I had even completed my assigned learning courses on team eloomi, our learning experience platform, while sitting there!

But haven’t you only been at eloomi for 3 months?

Yes, that’s true. eloomi put a lot of trust in me to go out on my own so early on in the game. But with eloomi’s smooth preboarding and onboarding platform which included office information and some interactive training courses, I felt like I was a part of the furniture and it had only been two weeks. At that point, even my manager thought I’d already been with eloomi for months. The trusting and welcoming eloominizers also contributed to helping me feel up to speed so much quicker than at any of my other roles, and I couldn’t imagine my remote work being as successful either. 

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I did miss being in the Parken office with our office dogs and my great colleagues, so I wasn’t that sad to be heading back to chilly Copenhagen. That aside, working remotely was a really positive experience. It gave me the chance to get some fresh inspiration from being in a different workspace, it boosted my productivity because I spent no time commuting or having 30-minute lunch breaks, and it meant that I could spend time with my family and friends after I clocked off – a win-win in my opinion!

If you’d like to see more about what it’s like to work at eloomi, or if you’re interested in joining the team, check out our career page here

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