Performance Appraisals – 2020

People Development

Drive real engagement in your ideal performance culture
with eloomi’s Performance Appraisal solution.

Enabled organisation

Access the flexibility to define, design and deliver your ideal performance culture.

  • Create your ideal process to aid in succession & talent management planning
  • Design a guided evaluation process that supports both the manager & the employee 
  • Deliver an overview of development data to relevant stakeholders

Guided manager

Prepare your managers to have quality conversations with their team resulting in meaningful outcomes.

  • Easily facilitate conversations with guided templates
  • Receive preparation material before the review
  • Access to digital check-ins and regular feedback to ongoing momentum 

Empowered employees

Actively contribute to the review process and help define the outcomes.

  • Drive your own personal development & review process
  • Check-in with your manager at any time & get feedback on your progress
  • Improve upon skills with access to relevant learning all in the same platform

Moving performance to the next level

Learn how Faber Halbertsma Group digitalised their appraisal process for their warehouse & office teams across 5 countries with eloomi. 

For us, the most important thing is that we wanted to create a different way of working together. Transparency and perspective have been extremely important to us in this process and that is how we have designed it.

Jolien Dirne

Human Resources Director


Combine Performance Appraisals with these for better business results

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Drive development with check-ins

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Product Specialist

Book a walk-through with a Product Specialist

Speak with one of our Product Specialists to see how eloomi’s Performance Appraisals solution can help you create a feedback culture in your organisation while guiding your managers and empowering your employees. 

Faber Halbertsma Group

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