Content Bundle – Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Access the best tools and training that will equip, support and strengthen every level of your organisation across all aspects of employee health and wellbeing.

As part of the suite of modules in THRIVE Learning bundle, it includes:

  • Why mental health matters
  • Introduction to mental health
  • Spotlight on mental health issues
  • Positive self-talk
  • Practising positivity
  • Stigma and mental health
  • Supporting someone who’s struggling – Talking about your mental health
  • Mental health: Where to get help
  • Building better mental health
  • Self-care booklet
  • Dealing with stress at work
  • Saying the right thing
  • Guided breathing exercise
  • The wellbeing mindset
  • The wellness myth
  • Building better habits
  • Life hacks
  • Weathering the storms
  • A healthy routine
  • Reflecting on work and life (coming soon)
  • Burnout (coming soon)
  • Work-life balance (coming soon)
Modules included:
  • Mental Health At Work – Overview
  • Wellbeing – A Three-Pronged Approach
  • Wellbeing & Resilience Strategies – Part One
  • Wellbeing & Resilience Strategies – Part Two
  • Wellbeing & Resilience Strategies – Part Three
  • Pressure & Stress
  • Three Primary Sources of Pressure
  • Six Sources of Workplace Pressure – Part One
  • Six Sources of Workplace Pressure – Part Two
  • Pressure & Stress Warning Signs
  • The Pressure Curve
  • Building Resilience At Work
  • 21st Century Assertiveness – Part Two
  • Are You Having An Active Working Day?
  • The Benefits Of A Lunchtime Walk
  • What Pressure Are You Under? Part One
  • What Pressure Are You Under? Part Two
  • HSE Stress Management Standards – Part One
  • HSE Stress Management Standards – Part Two

Course include:

  • Mental Health Awareness (CPD Certified)
  • Self-awareness (CPD Certified)

Good to know

At least 1 in 5 sick days in the UK is due to stress or mental health.

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