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Why modern people development is underperforming

In this webinar, our L&D experts discuss the challenges facing modern people development, from outdated manual processes to a disengaged workforce. Join us to learn how HR can respark engagement through a better approach to performance.

Understand the challenges facing people development

Key insights and statistics from global research

Best practice for lifting the standard of L&D

Why it matters

Without streamlined and cohesive people development strategies, organizations risk employee disengagement and decreased productivity. The people development report showed that over half of employees still receive critical information via paperwork forms, highlighting a need for better frameworks to help managers and HR reengage their workforce.

1 in 4

HR professionals say too many manual processes are preventing them being more effective

People Development Report


of senior leaders say the most important factor in a one-to-one is that managers give clear and supportive feedback

People Development Report


of senior leaders believe individual performance is discussed weekly, but this is rarely the case

People Development Report

Here’s how HR can lift the standard of people development

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the challenges organizations face in people development, from engaging employees and managers with a meaningful process, to cutting down on busywork. We highlight key findings from the People Development Report, and share how HR can begin to reshape their approach to people development through digital solutions. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • There is a significant disconnect between managers and employees regarding performance management
  • HR and management have inconsistent and outdated frameworks for handling people development
  • Busywork and manual processes are still the biggest hindrance to great performance management
  • Lack of meaningful development is a key driver of employee disengagement and declining productivity
  • If we can lift standards and make the process much more engaging for for both parties, HR can close that gap

Watch the full webinar to learn more about people development challenges and solutions, or get in touch for a personalized product demo.

About the speakers

Andrew Mina

Head of Customer Experience at eloomi

Andrew is an Australian living in Copenhagen, Denmark, who is passionate about things HR and HRTech. Every day, he talks about L&D, workplace and customer experience, and building connections and communities. He believes that everyone has a next step in their professional development, and he aims to lead, guide, and coach them towards it.

Josh Carson

HR Team Lead

Josh is a passionate HR professional and CIPD graduate, with over 8 years of experience working across a number of sectors. A native Brit now based in Copenhagen, Josh is particularly interested in how in the modern workplace HR can effectively partner with the business and play a leading role in achieving strategic goals.

Ryan Dickson

Product Specialist at eloomi

Ryan is a passionate Product Specialist at eloomi with over 6 years in the LMS space. His mission is to empower companies to unlock their full potential. By understanding the goals of the business, he supports HR/L&D teams in maximizing the performance of employees to achieve objectives.