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Transforming talent: how to build a skills based organization

In this webinar, made in collaboration with eLearning Industry, we share insightful strategies to establish and nurture a skills-centric organization and how to future-proof your business by mapping essential skills

Learn how to map and train skills across your organization

Industry insights on the state of skills development

Practical tips and best practice for skills-based training

Why it matters

93% of workers admitted they need to learn new skills within the next year in order to continue their careers (SHRM), at a time when emerging technologies and AI make upskilling a key part of people development and talent retention. Discover the transformative power of a skill-based approach and dive deep into actionable tactics for identifying long-term organizational strengths and weaknesses to unlock employees’ full potential.


of business leaders expect employees to pick up skills on the job

World Economic Forum


of CEOs reports that skills shortages are a top disruptor to business strategy



of workers in the US are willing to switch to a new job if offered skills training opportunities


Learn how you can transform talent with a skills-based approach

This webinar, created in collaboration with eLearning Industry, will guide you through how a skills-based approach can impact your organization. From increased innovation and productivity to improved employee engagement and reduced bias in hiring, you’ll gain valuable insights to propel your organization forward:

  • Explore essential strategies to build a skill-based organization
  • Understand the significance of skill-based hiring for business success
  • Gain insights into the benefits of skill-based organizations through industry statistics and research findings
  • Learn practical tactics, including skills data and personalized learning pathways
  • Discover how implementing a skill-based performance management system can drive success

Watch the full video to learn how eloomi can support you in skills mapping and development, or get in touch for a personalized product demo.

About the speakers

Andrew Mina

Head of Customer Experience at eloomi

Andrew is an Australian living in Copenhagen, Denmark, who is passionate about things HR and HRTech. Every day, he talks about L&D, workplace and customer experience, and building connections and communities. He believes that everyone has a next step in their professional development, and he aims to lead, guide, and coach them towards it.

Isabelle Muthsam

L&D Specialist at eloomi

With more than 10 years of experience within global Learning & Development, Isabelle has built solid expertise covering amongst others LMS implementations, training and program conceptions, creations of role-specific onboarding experiences, leadership development, performance management, and now helping build skill-based organizations. With her long experience as L&D consultant, she is capable of supporting global training and development strategies, and driving local initiatives for all differing target groups.