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The disengagement crisis: engaging employees with learning paths

In this webinar, created in collaboration with SHRM, our L&D experts discuss the disengagement crisis, exploring what factors are driving employee engagement, and how HR can reengage their workforce through learning paths.

Understand the reasons behind employee disengagement

Explore challenges and solutions facing HR

Learn how targeted learning paths can support long-term development

Why it matters

According to recent research published together with SHRM, the #1 barrier preventing people development being more effective is lack of engagement. According to Gallup’s 2024 State of the Global Workplace Report, just 23% of employees globally are engaged at work. So what’s getting in the way?

Employees today want to know that the work they do has a meaningful impact. They want real opportunities for development. And they want to feel that they can grow in their role.


of employees globally say they are engaged at work, leaving the vast majority disengaged



of employees say they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training


1 in 4

HR professionals say manual processes prevent them from being more effective.

People Development Report

Learn how to reengage employees with learning paths

HR and L&D teams need support to help employees learn, upskill, and grow. Tightening budgets, organizational complexity, and shifting priorities mean people teams rarely have a fighting chance to provide learning paths that help employees succeed and develop in their roles.

In this webcast, L&D experts Andrew Mina and Juliane Seeger share their experience on how learning paths can transform organizations. Not only driving engagement, but improving organizational outcomes across the board. Learn how you can build learning paths to engage, retain, and develop your best people, understand the latest industry changes and challenges, and explore the tools and solutions that can support you.

  • Employees are disengaged due to a lack of learning and development opportunities at work, particularly from direct managers
  • HR are underpowered to support employee engagement, with too much busywork and priority juggling getting in the way
  • Investing in employee development through learning paths is a key strategy organizations are adopting to reengage employees, while also strengthening business capabilities

Watch the full webinar to learn more about employee engagement and learning paths, or get in touch for a personalized product demo.

About the speakers

Andrew Mina

Head of Customer Experience at eloomi

Andrew is an Australian living in Copenhagen, Denmark, who is passionate about things HR and HRTech. Every day, he talks about L&D, workplace and customer experience, and building connections and communities. He believes that everyone has a next step in their professional development, and he aims to lead, guide, and coach them towards it.

Photography, Accessories, Jewelry

Juliane Seeger

Customer Success Manager EMEA at eloomi

Juliane has a diverse background spanning various roles and industries. As the Manager of Customer Success at eloomi, she excels in creating enduring customer relationships. Her expertise in strategic advisory services ensures clients receive valuable insights and support to achieve their goals.