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Set actionable goals and objectives with eloomi

Empower managers and employees to set and achieve meaningful goals with eloomi goal setting software. In this product tour we’ll share how you can align goals across your organization to drive performance and hit all new targets.

eloomi is a proud part of Dayforce. Our product videos will walk you through the capabilities of eloomi and Dayforce Learning.

Why it matters

Understanding what you need to do, how to do it, and when to do it, is the formula for success in any performance review. The trouble is that we so rarely break tasks down into deliverables that are easy to understand, track, and manage.


of leaders highlight setting clear goals and objectives as a priority for performance management

People Development Report


higher engagement and performance for employees who have clear, well-defined goals

Clear Company


of leaders believe individual performance is discussed weekly, but this is rarely the case

People Development Report

Learn how you can set clear goals and objectives to drive productivity

At eloomi, we make it easy to guide and empower both managers and employees with a unified, actionable framework for setting and achieving goals & objectives that drive meaningful performance improvements and organizational success.

Topics Covered:

  • Goals Creation
  • Goal alignment
  • Conversations Integration

Learn more about goals and objectives management with eloomi by watching the video, or getting in touch with us for a personalized demo today.