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Strategies for talent retention: nurturing success in inclusive workplaces

  • How to attract, develop, and nurture talent to sustain growth
  • Concrete strategies for talent retention
  • The importance of diverse and inclusive workplaces

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Why it matters

Inclusive workplaces drive talent retention by fostering an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and able to contribute fully. Inclusive cultures not only boost job satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, but also make employees more likely to stay. Additionally, inclusive workplaces attract diverse talent, which enhances innovation and overall company performance.


of job seekers consider a diverse workplace a critical factor when evaluating companies and job offers​​


21% – 35%

more likely to financial outperform their industry peers when organizations have higher diversity



more likely to be innovative and agile when organizations have higher levels of diversity.


Retain talent and build a stronger business culture through diversity

This report found that diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of strong organizations, as well as a key driver for employee retention. Here are just a few of the main findings:

  • Retaining top talent fosters a positive workplace culture, enhancing overall employee satisfaction.
  • Implementing inclusive strategies not only retains current talent but also attracts diverse professionals seeking inclusive workplaces.
  • A diverse and inclusive environment drives innovation by bringing together varied perspectives and ideas.
  • Employees are more likely to stay in a workplace where they feel recognized and valued for their unique contributions.
  • Retaining top talent preserves valuable institutional knowledge, ensuring continuity and stability in the organization.