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How to improve patient safety: the cost of inadequate training

  • Poor training is a key cause of preventable accidents and injuries
  • Healthcare workers need access to consistent, accessible training
  • Better training procedures can contribute to improved patient outcomes

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Why it matters

Nothing is more crucial than patient safety. To get there, healthcare workers need unshakeable training procedures and guidance.


of serious adverse events in hospitals in 2023 involved issues with staff competency or training

Joint Commission

1 in 10

healthcare workers say their organization is not prepared for staff shortages



of healthcare organizations lack well-developed methods to evaluate training

Healthcare Finance

Secure patient safety through comprehensive training

This report unpacks the critical role of comprehensive training in healthcare, highlighting the consequences of inadequate training on patient safety and the well-being of healthcare staff, and providing actionable strategies for improving training programs to enhance patient outcomes and staff performance. Some of the key findings are:

  • Inadequate training is a significant factor in 36% of serious adverse events in hospitals, highlighting the need for robust training programs to ensure patient safety.
  • Medical errors resulting from insufficient training increase stress and burnout among healthcare professionals, negatively impacting their morale and job satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive and effective training programs can significantly reduce preventable mistakes, leading to improved patient safety and faster recoveries.
  • Training programs that align with best practices and regulatory requirements create a safer and more ethical work environment, reducing the risk of legal issues.
  • Investing in ongoing skill development and training fosters a culture of continuous improvement, enhancing overall organizational performance and employee retention.

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