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Cybersecurity: the IT director’s checklist

  • Assess your organization’s cybersecurity risk
  • Improve defenses with IT security guidance
  • Get an overview of key employee training to prevent attacks

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Why it matters

Are your employees properly prepared to combat the growing threat of cyber attacks? With billions at risk from fines and consequences of non-compliance, cyber security training can help prevent breaches such as phishing email attacks.


of all IT security breaches are caused by employees



of employees would click phishing email links if they haven’t been trained



are at risk from fines and consequences of non-compliance


Train your employees to be the frontline of your cyber defense

Employees are the cause of over 50% of all IT security breaches. We spend a lot of resources on protecting our systems from malicious actors. But what’s the point if our own employees let the hackers straight in? Our checklist can help you mitigate against these risks, this guide includes:

  • IT Director’s cybersecurity checklist and action plan
  • Check the 78 potential threats that undermine your IT security
  • Risk assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity to learn how you measure up
  • How to use technology to train your employees against cyber attacks
  • Identify the gaps in your cybersecurity and learn about the added risks of remote working

Download and complete this checklist to get a complete overview of your organization’s cybersecurity risk. Learn how improved cybersecurity training can sharpen your defenses against cyber attacks.