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Overbooking processes

Icelandair Hotels is a chain of hotels throughout Iceland franchised by Hilton. They were looking for a platform to help make their training processes digital and automated. Their old process took a majority of their Training & Development Managers time. So, a system that would help her automate the processes, move from manual to digital while saving time and resources was key to their continued success.

In hospitality, we live in a fast paced and ever-changing environment, time is definitely of essence.

Team members come and go, so finding the time to train them on hospitality basics as well as educate them about the fundamentals of our company culture proves to be a great challenge!

Knowing that this core training would help us decrease the turnover and offer our guests an outstanding experience during their visit to our hotels makes finding the time even more crucial. But How? The answer? eloomi.

Alma Hannesdóttir, Training and Development Manager – Human Resources

Onboarding amenities

They will be using the eloomi LMS to help solve compliance and onboarding. Since hotels are hiring a lot of people in different frequencies, sometimes every day, there is always someone new. This process will become more efficient by using the module builder to pre-board and onboard all these new hires. By utilising pre-boarding and onboarding through the digital learning management system, they can ensure new hires are fully compliant on the first day of work helping productivity within the first week.

We needed a system that supports our concept of “Learning Moments” that could be taken in regular intervals in a user-friendly environment. A system in which we could guarantee that newcomers would receive all information necessary for the Onboarding process. The added bonus is a system that is user friendly and easy to use for the person setting up the courses.

Alma Hannesdóttir, Training and Development Manager – Human Resources


Learning and training management was previously only able to be done onsite & manually due to lack of LMS platform.


Reduced amount of time and resources spent on training management and onboarding processes.


An efficient onboarding process that provides constant access to training from any device.

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