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Meeting the customer is the moment of truth for any business. When the customer enters your shop, it is the time and place where everything your business stands for must materialise and form a successful brand experience.

For exclusive, international design brand Fritz Hansen it’s essential that their international sales partners are equipped to deliver the genuine Fritz Hansen experience in the future.

Whether they sell Fritz Hansen’s design furniture, lighting and accessories in London, Stockholm or San Francisco, Fritz Hansen wants each of their resellers to have excellent skills and knowledge about the products, designers and culture. They want the reseller to feel that they are part of the Fritz Hansen brand.

World-class partner learning academy

Fritz Hansen’s timeless collection includes furniture from world-renowned Danish and international architects and designers. It’s critical for Fritz Hansen that the customer facing people in their global partner sales channel know the details about the quality products, the company’s history dating back to 1872, and the background of the classic and contemporary luxury furniture. This empowers them with the expertise to convey the Fritz Hansen brand to the customer with true passion for the unique design and craftsmanship.

The Fritz Hansen Academy is fundamental to achieve a common high level of education of both partners and internal employees, which is required in high-end furniture sales. Global HR Manager in Fritz Hansen, Anders Ladegaard explains:

Our academy plays a pivotal role as our knowledge and training hub. It equips our reseller partners like our own people with world-class product knowledge, brand identification and customer service skills to deliver the unique brand experience.

Anders Ladegaard, Global HR Manager 
The Fritz Hansen Academy was established in 2020 and is continuously being developed. Fritz Hansen’s product experts and HR collaborate when they build and deliver the learning modules in the academy. The visual identity and clear sense of quality and craftsmanship are evident in Fritz Hansen’s carefully designed interactive online learning modules.
Digital HR Specialist, Rikke Madsen is managing the Fritz Hansen Academy, which is based on the eloomi LMS. She is among other responsible for creating and delivering the currently more than 100 learning content titles including product guides, introductions to the designers and much more. The academy’s training delivery capability is important to Fritz Hansen when they educate their partners.

We are able to help our partners learn about our company’s history, culture and designers. And also understand the story behind each of the products, how they were designed and produced, and how to take care of them. This makes the individual become part of the brand.

Rikke Madsen, Digital HR Specialist

Aesthetics, style and a high level of detail are elements that Fritz Hansen use to create and deliver learning content with impact. Rikke Madsen explains: “The images, videos and other visual elements of the learning content are important because the visual aspect plays such a significant role in our design furniture and brand identity.”

The learning modules in the Fritz Hansen Academy are interactive SCORM modules. Each module can contain a knowledge validation test, and modules can be assigned or taken several times as voluntary training, which helps the learner adopt the learning.

The data provided in eloomi makes it transparent for Fritz Hansen what training modules have been completed and by whom of their 1000 users. The insight reports guide the Sales Managers and make it easy for them to follow up with the resellers.

Scaling training to a global scope

New hires in Fritz Hansen take all product training modules as a mandatory part of their onboarding. That is how important brand dedication and knowledge about their products are for Fritz Hansen. The training has a significant impact, Rikke Madsen notes: “Actually, I’m impressed by how much they know in such short time and how well they are able to explain about our products.”

Initially Fritz Hansen used the Fritz Hansen Academy to train only their internal employees. However, the eloomi based academy has enabled Fritz Hansen to extend their education process outside their own organisation to their business partners to scale this part of their business.

Out of over 1000 users in total, currently more than 300 individuals among Fritz Hansen’s resellers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Scandinavia are using the Fritz Hansen Academy for product, customer service and sales training.

Leveraging the learning platform’s multiple languages, Fritz Hansen is continually onboarding more countries. Step by step the Fritz Hansen Academy is entering each regional market in coordination with Fritz Hansen’s global Sales Managers to expand the Fritz Hansen brand experience to resellers worldwide.

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Fritz Hansen wants to extend their internal learning capability to provide world-class product, sales and customer service training for partners.


eloomi LMS customer branded online academy, 1000 users.

Module creation, training delivery and insights in eloomi LMS.

SCORM content designed in Articulate 360, played in eloomi LMS.


Scaled the Fritz Hansen Academy to comprise resellers globally.
Anticipating resellers to adopt the skills and knowledge about products, designers and culture.
The individual can deliver the true brand experience to customers.

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