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Faber Halbertsma Group is one of Europe’s preeminent suppliers of sustainable pallet products and pooling services. With their in-house pallet production partners, well established pooling service providers and local presence, they can offer a fitting solutions for any pallet requirement. Their offices and manufacturing sites in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain were all running different people development processes. This included their performance appraisal process, which was done solely on paper (if even done at all). None of them linked into a central database which often made it difficult to get real insight into the data, and they lacked a view of their workforce development. Not to mention, a paper appraisal process is challenging to manage when you have so many employees across Europe. Faber Halbertsma Group realised it was time to go digital for their appraisal process, both helping the managers and helping to develop and encourage their employees.

For us, the most important thing is that we wanted to create a different way of working together. Transparency and perspective have been extremely important to us in this process and that is how we have designed it.

Jolien Dirne, Human Resources Director

Transporting appraisals to a digital space

They began their switch to digital appraisals long before they settled on eloomi as the tool to facilitate their goals. The Faber Halbertsma Group started by bringing together teams of HR, managers, and employees to collect information on what the process should look like and to create a best practice appraisal process. They then began their search for a digital appraisal solution to help the C-Suite reach their goals of insight into the workplace to see who was in each position and why. Most importantly, the focus was on how each employee plays a part in helping implement the purposes of the organisation. Once they decided their ideal process and their ideal solution to help them facilitate it, they then created internal ambassadors for the new solution’s implementation.

The digitalisation gives us the opportunity to quickly check whether everyone has received an appraisal and follow up on the goals set and developmental needs identified. It also allows us to follow up on a different level - quality of the targets set, internal alignment, talent programs, and reviewing our population from a longer-term workforce planning perspective.

Jolien Dirne, Human Resources Director
When Faber Halbertsma Group began to implement eloomi’s Performance Appraisals into their organisation, they started with training for their managers. Every manager received training on how to understand the new process flow, the reason behind the new process and the look and feel of the entire appraisal process to help them set expectations of the managers’ responsibilities in this new process. The manager training took place right in the same solution as their appraisal process since they have eloomi’s Learning solution. This allowed managers to easily reference back to their learning while filing out their appraisal process, making it a smooth and seamless reference point. Having access to the full eloomi solution has helped managers immensely since they can receive any required information right in their platform instead of having to search multiple places for the answers they need.

Discover more about how Faber Halbertsma Group empowered & engaged their employees


Lack of insight on data due to paper appraisal process across 5 countries with no centralised system.


Engage employees in the performance review process while empowering managers for better conversations to support their team.


Digital training for new hires and opportunities for continuous manager/employee feedback.

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How to Digitalise Performance Appraisals

Hear how Jolien & Faber Halbertsma Group digitalised their performance appraisals process across 5 countries and created their ideal performance and feedback culture. 

Gain insights on how to: 

  • How Faber Halbertsma Group gained transparency and consistency in their performance appraisals process
  • How moving from a paper process saves times, increases participation and gives clarity at all levels of the organisation
  • Learn how digital performance appraisals provide data and insights for workforce planning and talent development

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