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Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman Ireland switched to a digital performance process to improve employees’ engagement and development . … Read More


Telmore developed a career path concept in eloomi to ensure they maintained their status as Denmark’s best customer service. … Read More


Experience effective compliance & awareness training

Experience effective compliance & awareness training Compliance training is essential in ensuring your organisation and employees are safe, but distributing training and confirming it has been completed is often a difficult process. Discover how how easy compliance training can be … Read More


SalesWorks needed an simpler way to ensure that training was properly documented and provided in multiple languages. … Read More

Johannes Fog

Johannes Fog got 500 people to take time out of their busy work days to engage with online learning … Read More

eloomi platform on multiple iphones

Product Update: New Renewal of Online/Onsite Modules

New Renewal functions are now in your platform! … Read More

Scandinavian Technology Institute

Scandinavian Technology Institute partnered with eloomi to help their customers build a learning culture while helping identify performance areas that will have the greatest impact on the business. … Read More


Boulebar switched to a digital solution to help with the onboarding of their seasonal employees across 8 locations. … Read More

How Learning Can Give Real Business Results

How Learning Can Give Real Business Results Employee training and engagement is the new currency for HR. eloomi CEO & Founder, Claus Johansen, presents his knowledge on how you can gain a better understanding of the importance employee learning. Learn … Read More

Reinventing People Performance & Reviews

Reinventing People Performance & Reviews Are you looking to reinvent and improve the way your organisation looks at people performance and reviews? Gain insight from a Senior HR Professional on how HR can create a process that combines performance management … Read More