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Learning technology ecosystems: the tools, strategies and skills needed for success

  • The best tools for learning and talent development
  • Essential technology skills and strategies for HR professionals
  • Practical action plans and a guide to resources.

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Why it matters

More than 90 percent of organizations are concerned about employee retention, with 83 percent expressing a desire to foster a more people-centric culture by making providing learning opportunities a top priority. In today’s business environment, technology is vital to talent and people development, and an essential component for creating, managing, delivering, and analyzing learning.


of Talent Development professionals surveyed in this report believe learning technology is important for the organization’s overall strategy.

ATD Research


of organizations have a Learning Management System (LMS), only 54% are fully utilizing all of its features.

ATD Research


of organizations have a data governance strategy, with learning learning technology a key component of compliance training.

ATD Research

Drive talent retention with modern learning management tools

Learn how you can retain talent, motivate employees and improve compliance utilizing the latest learning technology tools and strategies, including learning management systems (LMS) and learning experience platforms (LXP).

This report found that only 54% of organizations are fully utilizing all of their learning system features. Here are just a few of the main findings:

  • Ease of use is important for employees, but only 66% percent rated their organization’s learning technology easy to use.
  • Only a third of organizations formally reviewed their learning technology ecosystem, and those that carried out audits found increased employee engagement and compliance rates.
  • Data governance strategies are mire common now than two years ago, and can help organizations understand data regulations and usage.
  • Technology skills for Talent Developmentemployees are more important than ever, and nearly 75% of organizations consider this when making hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Question sheets for HR professionals and resource lists help create successful strategies and plans.

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