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Get your guide to creating outstanding training content

  • Learn how to easily create courses from scratch
  • Save time with a digital training platform
  • Upload and access ready-made training content

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Why it matters

If your training content is confusing, hard to access, or unengaging, we can guarantee your employees won’t complete it. No matter what you do. That’s why eloomi offers easy tools to deliver digital employee training, whether you want to create it from scratch, or upload existing resources into our user-friendly learning platform.


of training material is made by employees, rather than educators or industry experts

Josh Bersin


of employees aren’t satisfied with the learning materials that are available.



L&D leaders believe their organization is effective at upskilling and reskilling.


Engage, inspire, and educate your employees with effective learning content

Effective learning starts with great learning content. Here’s how an accessible, user-friendly LMS for employee training can impact your organization, from basic training to sophisticated L&D schemes:

  • Provides a better training experience, boosting employee engagement and retention of information
  • Fosters continuous learning, creating a culture where development is integral to daily work life
  • Streamlines training processes, allowing you to save time on onboarding and ongoing training
  • Reduces the need for in-person training sessions, cutting costs related to travel, venue, and instructor fees
  • Offers on-demand access to training materials, providing flexibility for employees to learn at their own pace

By improving the training experience and efficiency, a user-friendly LMS helps organizations cultivate a more skilled, motivated, and adaptable workforce. Download the guide to see how eloomi can support you with outstanding content creation tools.