Navigating the 2024 Trends: Hybrid L&D, First-time Leaders and Collaboration

In December 2023, the team at eloomi hosted a webinar called Navigating the Trends: 2024 HR Trends, and we looked at seven trends for 2024, which included:

  • AI and L&D
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Hybrid L&D
  • ESG – Environment, Social and Governance
  • First time manager (including remote leadership)
  • Employee Experience / Engagement
  • Collaboration and Core eLearning Content

In this follow-up webinar we explore three of the trends to a deeper level.

You’re welcome to join the conversation as we discuss Hybrid L&D, First-time managers (including remote leadership, and (digital) collaboration with Associate Professor Dan-Richard Knudsen 🇳🇴 of the Norwegian School of Economics.

Dan-Richard, along with eloomi’s Head of Customer Experience, Andrew Mina 🇦🇺, will unpack what these three trends mean for you as a Human Resources and Learning and Development leader and professional for 2024.

The webinar will be in English, and will be recorded, so register even if you don’t make it live to ensure you get a copy of the recording, which you can also then share with your colleagues and network.

You can expect the webinar to go for one hour, and you’re welcome to post a question before or during the webinar for Dan-Richard and Andrew. 

Dan-Richard Knudsen 🇳🇴

Dan-Richard Knudsen 🇳🇴

Assistant Professor at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Andrew Mina 🇦🇺

Andrew Mina 🇦🇺

Head of Customer Experience at eloomi