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What’s in This for the Business?

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eloomi helps companies create clarity for their organisations future, support precise challenges, and further enables managers to manage efficiently.

It’s easy to understand and it solves some obvious challenges for today’s organisations. We hear again and again that here, at eloomi, we are innovative, have super cool solutions, customers love using it and HR has simple tools to perform optimal HR in the organisation.
What is the most pleasing is that customers who have chosen eloomi achieve significant results quickly, efficiently, and begin to change the organisation positively. There is an increase in productivity, motivation and commitment. eloomi helps create clarity for the organisation’s future, supports precise challenges, and further enables managers to manage efficiently.
But how does that relate to the business and your return on investment? Although the above facts do show a strong improvement in productivity that will affect profit, these stats from some of eloomi’s existing customers might help give you your “aha moment” as well.

Before eloomi: No new hires were preboarded before the first day of work

After implementing eloomi:All new hires are now preboarded resulting in quicker productivity.

Before eloomi: All new hires needed to participate in several days of introductions before getting started

After implementing eloomi: 80% reduction in introduction time needed after the first day of work

Before eloomi: 25% of employees made the yearly appraisals

After implementing eloomi: All employees made the yearly appraisal

Before eloomi: Huge lack of implementing development plans in the day to day business

After implementing eloomi: Nearly half of the organisation works with check-ins on the development plans within 3 months from the yearly appraisals

Before eloomi: No visibility of status on people performance dialogues and growth plans from HR

After implementing eloomi: Full overview of people performance status

Before eloomi: Little or no overview of possible talents in the organisation

After implementing eloomi: Clear identification on both manager talent evaluation as well the hidden talents

eloomi customers using our Learning Management Solution have seen a return on investment less than 2 months for a platform with 500 employees, and when it comes to the same number of employees using our PA & PM solution, they saw ROI in less than 4 months. When you look at the fact that they save 50% by switching to online learning instead of traditional classroom training you discover:

Yes, it’s not only about what is good for you people, it’s also good for the business.

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