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Purpose: More than a Slogan

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What happens when you facilitate four webinars studying the different aspects of Purpose in organisations and individuals? Well, there are a few things.

First, you start to look for Purpose rather than be surprised by it. Second, you begin to be aware of how you spend your time, and what you are working on has a connection to your Purpose. Third, you start to become a purpose ambassador yourself. To top that off, you develop a very cordial relationship with the speaker and wonder how you can create an opportunity to speak again?

eloomi held a series of webinars on Purpose because it wasn’t possible to cover the impact purpose could have on an organisation or an individual in just one sitting. We also knew that we would be able to deliver better in-depth conversations around the employee experience, learning and development, performance management, as well as, embracing change to provide the best value to those who attend (or who will watch the recording on On-Demand).

We’re incredibly thankful that James Bolle, Captain at PRPSFL, was able to give his time, insights and understanding in the webinars. Before we move further into summarising what these conversations were about, it is worth understanding what exactly Purpose is.

James defines Purpose as:

Didn’t get a chance to see the Purpose webinar series? Not a problem!

Below is a summary of each of the webinars and the links to watch them On-Demand.

Webinar 1: How and Why Building Purpose Into the Employee Experience is Essential!

Purpose works to help attract the right people to your organisation and in turn, people with the same values. In this webinar, we explore how Purpose aligns people to the organisation. James shares impressive statistics and information about what drives employees to choose their employers. These studies show that people working in organisations with purpose show 40% higher engagement, are more motivated and do better in performance reviews than those who working in organisations without Purpose.

Webinar 2: Understand How Purpose Can Help Align and Energise Your L&D Culture

The second webinar in this series explores how Purpose is key to your learning and development culture. In the conversation, James made the argument that learning behaviour and learning culture is more likely to be delivered in an organisation working with Purpose. That employees in a purpose-driven organisation are also more likely to complete the courses that they signed up to and embrace training which will intern reinforce organisational Purpose.   

Webinar 3 – Explore How Purpose Can Drive Employee Performance and Potential 

In the third webinar, we explore how purpose is core to developing your employees. We went into some detail that showed how higher Purpose leads to better performance and why it does so. We also make a link between learning and performance and how this activates Purpose in your team, as well as, encouraging them to operate with Purpose. 

Webinar 4 – Purpose is the Key to Change!

In our fourth & last webinar, James ends the series by exploring how Purpose can lead to a lasting and effective change in organisations, supports succession planning and can guide people to make career choices.  

James explores how Purpose has been misused over the last few years with headlines that have screamed; ‘Purpose leads to profits’, as well as how CEOs and marketing departments have also jumped on the purpose bandwagon. Businesses are often going out, writing something utterly unrelated to what the organisation does unconnected from how their team members exist in the organisation for from day-to-day. 

James’ concluding thoughts are that we only have a relatively short time frame now to ensure that our organisations understand their Purpose and how they benefit society through existing. He believes that the world is about to undergo a period of rapid growth, and how we stand up and be counted will determine the quality of the talent we attract to our organisations. Finally, he extols us to treat Purpose seriously and embrace it; this will determine how society comes out of the COVID crisis, deals with the climate crisis, helps make the world a more equal and fairer place. 

Watch James’ overview of the four webinars:

We hope that through reading this blog and viewing the webinar you also be on the lookout for Purpose, are more intentional about your activities, and even become an ambassador for Purpose in your organisation and spheres of influence.   

Explore upcoming and previous webinars here. 

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