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How to Easily Measure Employee Engagement More Often

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Annual employee engagement measuring is time consuming and isn’t always helpful. So how can you get employee feedback more often?

Employee engagement is something that is often only measured once a year.
These yearly surveys are not only time consuming for those who create and take them, but they also yield inaccurate results. Participants can only respond based on recent memory even if they had an issue that occurred months prior.
Engagement is something that is important to measure because of all the benefits employee engagement provides. However, many companies who produce yearly surveys don’t act on their results. Not acting on the results of these long-winded, annual surveys makes your employees think that you will not help address their feedback. So how can you easily measure employee engagement more often?

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An employee net promoter score is a tool that helps measure employee loyalty. You can gauge employee loyalty by asking, “How likely are you to recommend working at your company to a friend.” The answer is given on a scale of 0-10 where the answers 7 & 8 are considered neutral. You follow up that question with an open-ended question like, “What is the reason for that score” so you can accurately understand why they selected the number they did.
Office Vibe helps break down what you need to determine your score. They also state that a score above 50 is great and any score about 70 is amazing.
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Regular one-on-one with your employees can give you a great insight into what is currently going on. Since this method is done in private, safe way employees are more willing to give more details of what is going on. By removing this aspect of fear, employees will feel safe to express their true feelings of what is happening within the organisation. These true accounts are valuable and will help create a proper, timely strategy to manage engagement throughout your company. Not sure what to cover in a one-on-one, use a checklist function to ensure you stay on track.

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Stay & Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are a great way to learn why an employee is choosing to leave your company. Although the time has passed to correct any of the things brought up during the interview for them, it could help you with the employees you currently have. Although exit interviews are common in most organisations, a stay interview is a trend that should catch on. It is an interview where you ask employees who seem happy and engaged what makes them want to stay. If the goal of an exit interview is to see what you could have done better, then the stay interview is to see what you are already doing well and areas you could improve on. Exit interviews can be done easily with an offboarding process just like an onboarding. eloomi customers find the solution easy to create pre-boarding, onboarding and off-boarding courses.

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Pulse Survey

One of the types of surveys that works best at understanding your company is a pulse survey. A pulse survey is a quick and easy way to get a consistent understanding of what is going on in your company. This is a survey that has 5-10 questions that just asks about how employees are feeling at working and what or if there is anything they would change. These kinds of surveys can be done on a regular basis like weekly, once every few days etc. It is a great quick way to see what is happening and catch an issue when it starts.

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