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eloomi awarded for the best employee video

eloomi Wins Best Nordic Employer Branding Video 2018

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eloomi won the Best Nordic Employer Branding Video at the Nordic HR Conference. Meet the eloominizers & see why we have the best Nordic employer branding!

We wanted to create a video that shows off our amazing company culture & the great people that help shape this company. We are all proud to be eloominizers and this video was our way of showing it.
Thanks to social media, I found out through Christian Sylvester that there was an opportunity to show this video off to a wider audience. We submitted our “Meet the eloominizers” video to Nordic HR Conferences and then found out we were one of the three finalists for the award!
The voting took place over three days: one in Copenhagen and one in Stockholm. The last day part of our Swedish team went to Stockholm to make connections and hopefully accept the award on the company’s behalf.
eloomi wins best employer branding video
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Before the final voting began, the Nordic HR Conference official said they were looking for a video that was delivered in a personal & genuine style. One that left you intrigued to know more about the company and made you think “Hey, I want to work there.”

These words mean as much to us as the award does. We genuinely feel the things that we said in the video & you get to know the real personalities behind eloomi. I was featured in the video on my fourth day of working here & I still feel as strongly about eloomi as I did when we filmed that day.

We are happy to know that others can feel the eloomi vibe as well. Thank you to all who voted for us!

Interested in meeting the team & visiting us at our office in Parken?

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