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eloomi Expands Heavily in the UK

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Investment from private equity investment firm Kennet Partners opens up for new eloomi UK market expansion.

At eloomi we are now further expanding our activities in the United Kingdom. Since we launched our people development platform in 2015, eloomi has profited by being at the centre of the global HR-Tech progress. We have continuously increased the number of international customers, which now stands for around 70 percent of our customer base. Each year we have consistently doubled our business.

The global talent management software market’s projected growth is up to USD 11.09 billion by 2026 up from USD 5.19 billion in 2018, exhibiting a CAGR of 10.0% during the period (Source: Fortune Business Insights). 

Being one of the world’s most important growth economies, the UK has always been a key market for eloomi and was the location of our first international office outside of our native Copenhagen location.

The UK office was a great success and led to eloomi working with several high-profile customers including Savills and Daisy Group.

Following this initial success, we identified the UK as our primary market for further international expansion. An £11.2 million investment in 2019 from UK investor Kennet Partners, with participation from existing investor Vaekstfonden’s VF Venture, has enabled eloomi to invest heavily in the UK. 25 percent of our revenue today comes from the UK market.

In August 2020, we relocated to a larger UK location and hired 6 additional employees to work in the new London office. We will be adding up to 20 more employees in 2020 as we continue to build our UK presence and add world class UK companies to our client list.

The strengthened UK team will be building on the success that eloomi’s existing customer acquisition and implementation team in London is creating for a growing number of UK customers.

UK businesses want to simplify and empower people development

While many businesses have been forced to send employees on furlough, and many others are struggling to navigate the financial impact of COVID-19, eloomi is not only increasing our number of employees. We are also welcoming a substantial amount of new UK customer relationships and further strengthening the relationships with existing customers in the UK. The growth of customers and revenue for eloomi in the UK region has been significant since 2018. This is a testament to how UK businesses welcome and embrace the capability of eloomi to make learning and people development significantly simpler, more meaningful and productive.

Businesses across the UK such as Clarks, Daisy Group, Sophos, Yamaha and Fiat Chrysler, are joining eloomi in growing numbers. In industries as diverse as Automotive, Manufacturing and IT Services, businesses look to simplify and manage HR related missions like onboarding new employees, learning job skillstraining compliancefacilitating 360 skills feedback and supporting meaningful manager-employee conversations and personal development plans.  

Our CEO & Founder, Claus Johansen, has a clear-cut explanation of our success in the UK region:

The impact of COVID-19, changes in the business environment introduced by Brexit as well as ongoing global public agendas are forcing leadership teams to rethink and adjust their approach.

As a consequence, UK businesses today face new requirements to implement solutions for remote work, employee skills training and information, online support of people development and other measures to maintain, adjust or innovate business processes. 

Even beyond the classical HR domain, business units such as IT, Sales, Marketing, Customer Care and project teams are using eloomi’s easy to use digital solutions for product, compliance and skills training. eloomi’s solution is used both internally and for their customers and clients, enabling businesses to pursue greater customer experiences and increased customer satisfaction and retention among other critical business goals.

The feedback we get from the UK businesses, that we are welcoming as our new customers, is that the implementation of eloomi is effortless and doesn’t feel like a large IT project. Similar to eloomi’s simplicity and ease of use, this is an important factor for them.  

eloomi is looking forward to partnering with businesses across the UK to help them achieve their learning and development goals, whilst also navigating their new workforce reality. 

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